YouTube Channels To Check Out: India Reacts Guarantees To Bring the Laughs

india reacts

YouTube reaction videos have been a thing for a little while now. But we hadn’t really paid much attention to them until recently. With YouTube still full of people producing content on their own, it’s been one of the few stable entertainment platforms recently. Especially for accounts that are centered on one person. Let’s introduce you to one of these accounts and why we’re obsessed with the reaction trend.

YouTube reaction videos: India Reacts

The account we have been enjoying the most is India Reacts. She does a wide variety of music, as well as reacting to things like Married…with Children, Dirty Dancing’s iconic final scene, and we’re sure there’s lots more ahead. Recently, she hit over 150K subscribers, which she celebrated with a thank you video to her fans. We can see why so many people have gravitated to her account.

YouTube reaction videos: Why we’re obsessed

First of all, like most accounts, she takes requests. So fans can comment on her videos with what they want to see next. She’s always open to people giving her extra insight into the videos she’s watched, too.

One big thing that can make YouTube reaction videos is the person. India brings a huge smile to her videos, and she doesn’t hold back when she’s impressed. During a video for “Islands in the Stream”, Kenny’s delivery of “fine tooth comb” clearly caught her attention, and we feel the same way about that vocal.

When reacting to various Metallica videos, she was jamming so hard, it made us smile because we’re fans of the songs she chose. However she also went deep with the commentary, analyzing lyrics and looking up some of the history of the song/band. When doing Spanish videos, like “Quien le importa?” by Thalia, she gets translations of the songs so break down the meaning.

YouTube reaction videos: Why so popular?

After getting sucked into this and a few other reaction accounts, we have to say it’s a worth the “wasted” time. A big reason for that, we think, is the connecting power of music. Also, it’s fun to see something you might love through fresh eyes. In a way, you’re taken back in time to when you first heard the same song. Personally, we can’t wait to see what other choices are in store.

Plus, there have been a few other songs we’ve been introduced to by her videos. As for highlights? We suggest the “One” reaction video, as well as her reaction to “Ol Red” by Blake Shelton in particular.

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