TLC ‘Dragnificent’ Spoilers: Losing the Cocoon, the Amy, Claudia, Jujubee, Thorgy & Bebe Story!

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TLC ‘Dragnificent’ spoilers finds that all of us ladies know that often, weight loss is an intensely personal journey with many ups and downs and on this latest episode od Dragnificent it was portrayed as no different. In this episode the Queens were sent to help out this girl named Amy who had recently lost 130lbs and was ready to come out of her cocoon and celebrate her new body, but she just didn’t know exactly how yet. Apparently, in some circles extreme weight loss is celebrated by having what they call a ‘butterfly party’, and I must say that this is an entirely new concept that I have not heard of but I think it sounds nicer than ‘weight loss’ party. Butterfly party adds an air of mystique to a journey that is not at all easy, especially when we are talking extremes.

Amy worked at a food truck where she sells baskets of french fries. The most famous of these is called the piggy fries and they are fries with pulled pork and cheese as a topping. There are other toppings as well, but this particular dish was the one showcased in this episode. In some shows this would be where the host would take a moral stance with the audience amd they would go into the lifestyle changes involved with weight loss, but not this show! They focused on the here and now and even ordered a basket of piggy fries without one single judgmental look directed at Amy. Good for them! This is one of the many things I love about this show.

TLC ‘Dragnificent’ Spoilers: Losing the cocoon!

Amy also had an ex who was a downright horrible person. Apparently he would tell Amy that she was lazy, and call her all kinds of names simply because she was overweight and at this point in her journey, Amy is still not over her emotional struggle with those words. What people don’t seem to realize, especially when they are in relationships, is that words about one’s appearance can leave lasting damage. Some of you might argue that she needs to get over it, but that’s easier said than done. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Again, that’s what I like about this show because while they don’t dwell on the fact that her ex was an awful person, they do acknowledge it and the fact that she is still having a hard time moving on from that and they are completely sympathetic. Very Queen-like behavior, ladies. They want to make her feel comfortable in her own skin, and that is a mentality that we can all get behind. They start by getting her a new wardrobe because she’s been wearing her daughter Claudia’s wardrobe for awhile and as Jujubee says “Never wear your daughter’s clothes.”

Thorgy and Bebe had her meet them at a gay bar at 9AM in the morning to coach her in the ways of embracing her inner diva. Unfortunately, Amy didn’t seem to be too on board with the whole performing thing. It’s not that she didn’t think it was fun, but it was rather she didn’t look like she got the point of going on stage, like she just couldn’t  wrap her head around the reason why they would choose her to perform. Something tells me that Amy needs to start channeling her former cheerleader again. She debuted as Peggy LaFrites, which was one of the most creative drag names ever.

JuJuBee did a fantastic job on her make-up, she used a foundation stick to contour her features, and then Alexis employed the help of her stylist in order to get her hair to an even brighter shade of blonde, which was extremely flattering. You know what they say, Amy, blondes have more fun! The only thing that I didn’t like was the dress they chose. Usually these girls’ taste are on-point but this dress is just not what I would have picked for Amy’s butterfly party. I think it would’ve been okay but the neckline and the pattern was sort of… meh? Sorry, this one was a miss, ladies. But, it made Amy feel good about herself and in the end that’s all that really matters, it was Amy’s party, it was about her. She had her butterfly party, she busted out of her cocoon (quoting Amy here!), and now she’s free. Can’t wait for next week. Stay tuned!!!

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