Coronation Street Spoilers: Evelyn Plummer To Leave The Street After Shocking Revelation From Tyrone Dobbs


Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that there could be an end to the sweet relationship between grandmother and grandson over coming weeks. Viewers have been left in stitches since the arrival of Evelyn Plummer, with the straight-talking and no-nonsense pensioner immediately becoming a fan favourite in Corrie.

However, there could be difficult scenes ahead for Evelyn, as she could be faced picking between the man that she loves and her grandson. Tyrone has been getting involved with Evelyn’s personal life for a number of weeks now, and spoilers have revealed that he could be able to make a huge mistake that could mean the Evelyn and Arthur Medwin aren’t able to move on with their relationship.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Evelyn Bumps Into Old Flame

Fans were left on the edge of their seats a number of weeks back when for the first time Evelyn was left speechless after bumping into Arthur. Viewers aren’t aware of the history between the pair, but Evelyn is certainly smitten by her ex. She likes others to believe that she has a heart of stone, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth judging by how she has acted around Arthur.

Viewers were left heartbroken when Evelyn got dressed up and had her hair done to go on a date with Arthur, before he stood her up. Tyrone was furious that someone had stood his grandmother up, and gave him a piece of his mind when he saw him walking his dog. Evelyn was over the moon that Tyrone defended her, but insisted that she didn’t want him to get involved in her personal life.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Evelyn Gives Arthur Another Chance

Despite being stood up, Evelyn agrees to give Arthur one more chance. She is clearly smitten with her old flame and is determined for them to make their relationship work. However, her happiness could be thrown into doubt though as Tyrone threatens to get involved once again. But, could Arthur have a secret that he is isn’t revealing to Evelyn?

The scenes are due to air over the coming weeks after the pair spend the night together. Tyrone will be stunned to see them having breakfast, and will begin to ask questions. Tyrone could become quizzical that Arthur isn’t being truly honest with his grandmother, but what could he find out?

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