ITV Liar Spoilers: Critically Acclaimed Second Season Ends Tonight!

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ITV Liar Spoilers tell that the second season of Liar has been a roaring success, and the final episode takes place this evening. Viewers have been left on the edge of their seats for the past five weeks, but tonight we will finally leave who is behind the murder of Andrew Earlham.

Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd have once again been outstanding throughout the season as they portrayed their roles as Laura Nielson and Earlham. The supporting cast have also ensured that the follow-up season has been must-watch television, but as the drama comes to a close, who is the person responsible for killing the former doctor?

ITV Liar Spoilers: Who Are The Suspected Characters?

Laura has been arrested on two occasions as the police believe that she is responsible, but it is evidentially clear that she had no part. Despite the mounting evidence against her, fans are sure that she has been set up for the murder, but the question is- who has set her up? The evidence against her revolves around the sat-nav in her car that directs to an abandoned shipping container that has traces of Andrew’s blood.

However, there is no trace of fingerprints on the evidence, and has clearly been tampered with. Laura is determined to get to the bottom of the evidence, and last week she discovered that D.S Rory Maxwell’s son had been blackmailed, with emails titled ‘What’s Laura Nielson’s Freedom Worth’. He had access to the evidence, and could have tampered to save his son.

ITV Liar Spoilers: Long List Of Suspected Characters

As well as those two suspects, there is also a chance that Earlham’s son could have murdered his dad. This has been a popular theory throughout the show, and last week the episode closed with him clearly stating that he would kill his father if he ever saw him again. Andrew has also enlisted the help of Oliver Graham, who he has been blackmailing to help him escape.

Oliver could reach the end of his tether and kill Andrew instead of choosing to help him any longer. There is also a bizarre plastic surgery theory doing the rounds, which involves Andrew performing a procedure on Oliver to make him look like him before killing him. But, that would seem far too elaborate. Viewers can watch the concluding episode tonight; it is sure to be a thrilling end. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.

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