ITV ‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Fans Fear For Yasmeen As Geoff Locks Her In The House

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ITV ‘Coronation Street’ spoilers finds that fans were joyous last night as they saw Yasmeen Nazir finally take a stand against her controlling husband Geoff Metcalfe. Fans have been calling for Yasmeen to stand up against her abusive husband for the past year, and last night she finally found the evidence that she needed to do so.

Yasmeen found emails on Geoff’s laptop that showed her husband had been agreeing to meet up with escorts. Geoff was able to talk his way out of that situation as he said that he had been meeting them for work, but Yasmeen also revealed that she didn’t trust that he had actually booked a hotel for their planned trip to Spain.

ITV ‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Yasmeen Decides To Leave Geoff

Geoff is stunned that his grip on Yasmeen has finally been broken. He then begged her not to leave him alone, but she is adamant that she is going to Spain to spend time with her family. Yasmeen continues to pack her things for the trip, as fans took to social media to applaud her strength.

However, Geoff had one final statement to issue before she left, as he admitted that she would have blood on her hands if he dies while she is away. Yasmeen responds by admitting that maybe he should stay with Tim while she is away. Geoff then panics, as Yameen is leaving the house and then slams the door as she attempts to leave. The closing scene saw Geoff tell Yasmeen that she isn’t going anywhere.

ITV ‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Is Yasmeen In Danger?

Fans immediately feared for Yasmeen, as Geoff looked more aggressive than we had ever seen him before. Could he be about to get brutal with his wife? Viewers will have to wait until Monday to find out the answers to their questions, but the warning signs are there.

Geoff was stunned that Yasmeen had the strength to leave him, and that will mean that he will need to come up with a new plan to assert his control. Viewers will be hopeful that Yasmeen can still go to Spain, and will be hoping that somebody could come round to save her.

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