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Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Did Noelia hit a nerve?


Telemundo La Doña spoilers indicate that José Luis Navarrete (David Zepeda) has been in denial about his murderous son. He’s even fought a bit with Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arámbula) over it. Mostly, he’s been working constantly to protect Lucho Navarrete (Bernardo Flores). But, an unwelcome encounter just might change things. Here’s what you need to know.

Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Stupid or brave?

Honestly, we’re not sure what to classify Noelia Molina (Paola Fernández) at this time. We’ve talked a bit about how we thought she’s brave to fight for justice for her dead sister. And she kept remarkably cool when Lucho was torturing her in his lair. But, there are times where she crosses into the stupid category. Friday was one of those times.

It was bad enough when she called to confront José Luis over the phone. But showing up at Navarrete Construction was a whole other story. Especially when she confronts Lucho right outside the building and calls him out. Talk about asking for trouble! Luckily (for now), they were interrupted by José Luis. La Doña spoilers indicate José Luis demanded Lucho go inside so he could speak with Noelia.

Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Doubts?

At first, José Luis was all tough and threatening. He suggested he might just sue her alongside Florencia Molina (Patricia Reyes Spíndola) if she continued smearing his little psycho’s good (ha!) name. She still didn’t back down. And she might have started getting through.


She went on an epic rant about how he tortured her and posed some good questions. Noelia pointed out Lucho’s cold and dead stare, and how weird he is. She asked if he seriously believes that Lucho is innocent. At one point, José Luis looked as though she got to him. Of course, he quickly became confrontational again and ordered security to take her off the property. But he’s likely to have a lot of sleepless nights soon.

Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: Home’s a mess

So, the reason we think Noelia’s words got to him so much is he knows they’re true. At least way deep down. On a conscious level, we think he’s in denial. But things are pretty strange at home. La Doña spoilers reveal Eleonora Navarrete (Alejandra Barros) is getting more neurotic by the day. She had that mysterious injury she explained away after Lucho hit her, too. And let’s not forget how he questioned her when León Contreras (Carlos Ponce) pointed out she’d been caught on camera at Lucho’s the day Isabela Sandoval (Paola Albo) died. This is getting harder and harder to deny. And let’s not forget she pulled a big scene at an event, leading to a conflict with Altagracia. The more she pushes, the more he’ll push back—and away from her. He’s already determined he and Eleonora are divorcing. If she keeps this behavior up, he’ll be sure to investigate her. And the more he does, the more likely it is he’ll learn the truth.

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