TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Has A Boyfriend And He Is Married

TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ spoilers show is over, but viewers still show interest in the plus-sized sisters. There may not be a second season for the show, but they still keep their fans updated. Viewers heard that Tammy is seeing someone. She was even chatting with her boyfriend on video chat on the show. Now, she revealed to her fans that he is not her first boyfriend.

TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Tammy Loved Men And Women In The Past

On February 6, Tammy Slaton took to Twitter to share a picture of her boyfriend. She captioned the photo with “Bae for life ❤️.” One of her fans commented, “I love that you found your 1st love. Girl, it took me 45 years to find mine. I get lonely because he works so dang much. I relate to you in so many ways. Feeling left out hurts.”

Tammy responded saying, “Today is not my first love I’ve been with women and man before I was with Jerry but I think Jerry’s the one you know I mean and yeah being friends is really cool I don’t mind (sic).”  A lot of her fans told the Slaton sister that they were happy that she is in love. However, some fans cautioned her. Tammy had an online relay with a guy named Jerry and her sister was worried that she might be catfished. Some of her fans didn’t also like the fact that Jerry is married.

TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Tammy’s New Boo, Jerry Is Married

Tammy said she knows that Jerry is Married. She said this after some of her fans said that it is not right. One of her followers said, “But he married, soooo you really aren’t anything to him.” While a lot of her fans said that they suspected Jerry already has his own family, Tammy only answered one of them, and she defended the relationship.
TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Tammy Slaton First Shared About Jerry On Facebook Early This Year

When the Slaton sister first posted about her boyfriend on Facebook early this year, she didn’t say anything about him. She only said “Thank you, but I’ve got a boyfriend already” when a fan asked her out on a date. She has confirmed on her Twitter page that Jerry is the one she met on the TLC show.