TLC ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Spoilers: The Slaton Sisters Want To Get Surgery! – Planning On A Big Wedding 

TLC ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Spoilers finds that the Slaton sisters weigh at least 1000 pounds between the two of them. They want to get surgery for their weight. The sisters have to lose some weight before they can qualify for the surgery.

In this episode, Tammy is trying to find love and dating online is proving to be a huge struggle for her. Amy Slaton wants to get surgery before her wedding. She seems to be more into losing the weight than Tammy does. Amy finds Tammy on her phone and she inquires about who she is talking to. She is concerned about who her sister is talking to online. Amy is worried about her sister getting taken advantage of. Tammy is worried that the man she is talking to now will not like her based on her looks.

TLC ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Spoilers: The Slaton Sisters Want To Get Surgery!

Tammy is talking to a man who is 11 years older than her. Amy said that Tammy has been catfished before and this has caused her to sink into a depression and keep eating and eating. Tammy is very concerned with finding her love and someone to love her. Her self-esteem is extremely low and she just wants love.

Amy really wants to get this surgery. She told Tammy that if she got approved for the surgery, she would have it performed even if Tammy did not. The sisters’ mother is not very supportive of their weight loss. Their relationship is very strained, and you can tell that there is a lot of pain and hurt between the three of them.

TLC ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Planning On A Big Wedding 

Tammy and Amy are also planning on a big wedding, so their mom can come to it. Amy wants a real wedding and so does Michael. Amy really wants her mom and her family to be at the wedding. They plan the wedding and talk about the bachelorette party. Amy asked her mother to go dress shopping with her. Her mom refused to go shopping with her. So, Michael’s mom went instead. Amy was hurt by this.

The sisters go to their doctor to find out if they are able to have the surgery for their weight. The girls have Amy’s bachelorette party. Amy, Tammy, and Angels have a close-knit party. Angela takes the girls to a winery. Amy has never had wine or been to anything fancy like this. Amy is drinking wine from a straw at first. Clearly, she is getting a little tipsy in this episode. Tammy has something special for her sister’s party.

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