TLC ‘1000-LB Sisters’ Spoilers: Amy Get All The Love – Tammy Gets Slammed By Fans

TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Spoilers finds that Amy and Tammy Slaton did not have the same approach to their struggle with weight loss. Viewers saw Tammy, who weighed more than Amy not showing much interest in motivating herself, and Amy making a lot of effort. They also watch Tammy feel hurt when her sister lost enough weight to go for her bariatric surgery. Now, fans have slammed Tammy on Twitter, while they show Amy all the love on Instagram. 

TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Amy Posts Healthy Breakfast On Instagram

On Sunday, Amy posted a photo of a fruit medley on her Instagram page, and captioned it with, “Breakfast of champions.” Her fans commented on the picture. One fan said “Keep up the great work!!! ️” A second fan wrote “You are doing great Amy! So proud of you. You are such an inspiration! ️” “Looks great!! Keep up the great work. Your end goal of better longer life and children with your hubby is what keeps ya going.” Another fan said.

An impressed fan also wrote, “I am so in awe of watching you reach your goal.” Fans are speculating the possibility of a season 2 of TLC’s ‘1000-Lb Sisters’. Fans will like to see how her surgery goes and Tammy trying to lose weight for surgery. Tammy has however denied that a second season will air. 

TLC ‘1000-LB Sisters’ Spoilers: Fans Slam Tammy Slaton on Twitter

On Twitter, fans make it obvious that Tammy isn’t as popular as her sister, Amy who is more successful. Amy was able to meet her weight loss target for surgery, and fans saw that Tammy didn’t celebrate with her. She only complained about not getting any help. Fans also saw her blaming Amy for her failure. Eventually, their doctor, Dr. Proctor told her she is responsible for weight loss. 

‘1000-Lb Sisters’ fans on Twitter slammed Tammy. A fan said “Good job Amy!! I’m rooting for you!!! Tammy has no one to blame but herself!” An angry fan said “Tammy is sabotaging Amy’s weight loss. She will be bed-ridden soon to only totally rely on Amy.” The angry fan continued “Tammy is very selfish, self-centered, whinny and insufferable. She put herself in that situation and blames everyone else. And she thinks scales should be higher??” For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.