TLC 1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Ammy & Tammy Slaton’s Weight Loss Journey – Amy Smoking Weed!

TLC 1,000-Lb Sisters spoilers finds that Amy and Tammy Slaton on their weight loss journey. Together, they weigh about 1,000 pounds and they are both dedicating their time on the show to losing weight, eating healthier, and having a life changing surgery at the end. These two were famous because of their YouTube channel and it seems that they have many fans. Now these two are up in arms because someone took a video of Amy smoking weed and put it up on YouTube.

TLC 1,000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: The Sisters Are Fed Up

We all like to relax and unwind and we all have different ways of doing it. Amy and Tammy do enjoy smoking pot to relax and were pretty upset when they saw footage of themselves online. The women think that the person who posted it is ridiculous because they are just normal people trying to have some fun and in their own home. After searching for the video, we have found that one person posted it and it hasn’t gotten that many views of likes as of yet. We don’t think the sisters have anything to worry about, honestly.

TLC 1,000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Amy Smoking Weed

Both Amy and Tammy have been doing well with their weight loss. When we looked at their social media profiles, they look happier and healthier. It looks like they have lost a lot of weight and their followers just keep growing. Their channel now has about 1.5k subscribers. The sisters keep posting about their healthier diets and lifestyle and we have even seen them working out together. This is a good sign for them because they both want to lose weight so badly.

Amy got on Snapchat and said, “I think whoever took the video of me and my niece having fun and posted it on YouTube, is ridiculous. Y’all just trying to get me in trouble. TLC already knows that I smoke weed. So nice try boo-boo. It ain’t gonna work so I can keep getting me in trouble.” Whoever posted the video isn’t doing anyone any good honestly. They just want to get some of attention of their own and we don’t think it’s working out for them. The sisters will still push on and not let people get them down. They both said they are doing so well with their weight loss that they don’t have time to worry about the haters. We couldn’t agree more! 1,000-Lb Sisters airs on TLC on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST.

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