TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Amy Recovers From Bariatric Surgery – Tammy Gives Her Full Support

TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Spoilers tease that Amy Slaton qualifies for her bariatric surgery and Tammy, her sister cry about her own failure instead of celebrating with her. Tammy continued to cry even when their Doctor, Dr. Proctor said if she lost more weight she’d still go for her own surgery. This caused many fans to slam her on Twitter. However, Amy has gone for her surgery, and it looks like Tammy was there to show her sister support.

TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Amy Slaton Recovers From Surgery

A few days ago, fans showed Amy lots of love, but Tammy didn’t get any because she didn’t show her sister support. She also didn’t make enough efforts to lose weight and only relied on her sister to motivate her. Fans thought she was being unfair to Amy and they were angry because she blamed Amy for her failure.

TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Amy Recovers From Bariatric Surgery – Tammy Gives Her Full Support

Fans speculated that there would be a season 2, which would show Tammy losing weight and how Amy’s surgery went, but Tammy said there won’t be another season. This got fans wondering how the show would end and what the sisters’ fate will be. Now, it seems Tammy has showed Amy support. Spoilers show Tammy at the hotel where her sister is recovering from her surgery.

TLC ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Tammy Supports Her Sister And Ditches Her Walker

In the spoilers, Any is sitting in a chair in the hotel room, and Tammy pays her a visit. Astonishingly, Tammy walks in without her walker. Amy is happy and congratulates her. Recently, as seen on YouTube, Tammy said she tries to walk around without her walker, but she sprained her knee and it caused discomfort and pain.

Tammy didn’t only surprise viewers by walking without her walker, but she shows her sister support. Tammy said that her sister looked like she is in pain, but she will be okay. She also talked about how her sister means so much to her. She went on to say that Amy showed her support and now she needs her support too. She said, “I’m going to help her as much as possible. Whatever she needs, I got her back.”

It is good to see that Tammy has had a change of heart and she now supports her sister. It is also good to see her without her walker. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.