TLC Announces Release Date For New Show ‘Hot and Heavy’

TLC Hot and Heavy

TLC Hot and Heavy spoilers is proving to us that Love really comes in different shapes and sizes as they release a new series. The TV show focuses on “mixed weight couples” – men who love women who are plus size. The show promises to be exciting and will hit our screens next month.

TLC’s New TV Show Is Hot and Heavy

The new TV show will follow three couples — Kristin and Rusty, Joy and Chris, and Adrianna and Ricardo. We will watch as the couple handle their relationship and how they deal with judgment from friends and family, as well as the public. Kristin and Rusty’s have a solid marriage and are getting ready to start a family. However, issues arise between them as Kristin finds out that she may have to undergo gastric bypass weight loss surgery if she wants to have a baby.

As for Joy and Chris, Joy’s mom told her that her body weight won’t let her find love, but her mother was proven wrong as Joy married Chris and they have been together for three years.  Even though they are happily married, Chris and Joy’s friends and family are scared that joy may not be able to keep up with her husband’s adventurous lifestyle because of her weight. Ricardo, however, does not agree, as he calls her “the hottest woman I’ve ever seen in my life.” “Hot and Heavy” is set to explore the ups and downs of dating or being married to someone who is “overweight”

Fans React To New TLC Show: Hot and Heavy

Fans have taken to Twitter to react after TLC released the trailer, and the reactions were mixed. While some didn’t like the idea, some actually cheered TLC on.

“Quit glamorizing obesity!” One Twitter fan said “What’s with TLC and morbidly obese people? I can understand My 600 lb Lifebecause they actually want help but morbid obesity [is] not to be celebrated,” another person wrote. “We’re all attracted to different people! I’m gonna LOVE this show!” a fan who liked the idea tweeted.

TLC’s “Hot and Heavy” Release Date

New TV show, Hot & Heavy’ is among the very many new reality show that focuses on weight issues TLC will bring to us come 2020. Just last week, the release of ‘1000-lb Sisters was announced. The show is about the Slaton sisters who work together to lose weight. This Is Just A Test produced the show for TLC. ‘Hot and Heavy’ is set to premier on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 on TLC.

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