TLC ‘Hot and Heavy’ Spoilers: Positive Reviews Are Coming Out After Rocky Start

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TLC’s ‘Hot and Heavy’ spoilers has shown viewers that stereotypes can be defied! In fact, the stars of the show are working on changing the way that people look at one another. ‘Hot and Heavy’ is a TLC reality show about men who love larger women. At first, fans of TLC said the show is embracing morbid obesity and shouldn’t air, but now many viewers are having a change of heart. One of the couples on the show, Adrianna Harris and Ricardo Thompson, has been met with positive feedback and we have some news on them.

TLC ‘Hot and Heavy’ Spoilers: Positive Reviews Are Coming Out

Adrianna made sure to tell viewers of the show that she is trying to change stereotypes, but she has read a lot of backlash and toxic reviews of the show. She says that it is important to her not to worry about what everyone is saying. She wanted to keep this experience a positive one for her and Ricardo. After the first episode though, the reviews suddenly began to change.

TLC ‘Hot and Heavy’ Spoilers: TLC Is Defying Stereotypes

Viewers of ‘Hot and Heavy’ gave the stars some great feedback! Many of them have said that it gives them a better idea of what self-love is all about. Adrianna Harris said that she has gotten some messages from fans and she does feel like a role model to many of them. With this positive image of obese women that she is showing on TLC, she has served as many of these women’s personal life coach and shown them that you can find love, no matter what size you are.

There have been other couples on the show that were questioned about feeling exploited. These couples were quick to tell TLC watchers that if they felt that way, they would not have put their lives and relationships on television. Rusty and Kristin Keadle are another couple on ‘Hot and Heavy’ and they struggle with comments from random strangers when they are together. Kristin said that she feels great about being on the show and feels like she can help people by doing so.

No matter what the viewers of the show think, these couples all have one thing in common and that is their love for each other. If this show can teach one person self-love, it has done its job! Be sure to keep an eye on these couples. You can check out ‘Hot and Heavy’ on TLC on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. EST.

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