TLC 1,000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Meet the Sisters Amy & Tammy Slaton

TLC 1,000-Lb Sisters Spoilers - Meet the Sisters Amy & Tammy Slaton

If you watch TLC, you know that they like to help those in need. A couple of sisters that need the help of TLC are now starring on the newest show, 1,000-Pound Sisters. This show will premiere in 2020 and TLC is ready to introduce these sisters to everyone.

On TLC Spoilers: A Weight Loss Journey Like No Other

On 1,000-Pound Sisters, we will meet Amy and Tammy Slaton. They weigh over 1,000 pounds with their weights combined. They are on this weight loss journey in order to get bariatric surgery. They are ready to make changes in their lives and they want to do it all together.

On TLC Spoilers: 1,000 Pound Sisters – Meet the Sisters

This new series is set to air on New Years Day and TLC is very excited about sharing the story of the Slaton sisters. On the show, they will follow the sisters while they learn ways to lose weight and hopefully qualify for the surgery. They live in Kentucky together and they have caretakers that help them around the house. They have both been told that their lives are in danger because of their weight. If they don’t lose the weight needed for being put under anesthesia, they won’t be able to have the surgery.

Tammy and Amy are 31 and 32 years old. Amy weighs 406 pounds and Tammy weighs 605 pounds. Amy is married and she really wants to start a family soon, but with her weight, there is no way she could. They have been trying to have a baby, but getting pregnant has been impossible because of her high BMI. Tammy had to move in with Amy and her husband because she cannot take care of herself or do the daily tasks in life that she needs to by herself.

This show is going to focus on the struggles that these sister go through everyday. It will show them at their doctor’s appointments and show their progress throughout the show. There is going to be a lot of drama because the sisters have already made it clear that they don’t eat salad and don’t know if they can live off of it! We will see fights between the sisters, relationship issues, and we really want to see these two lose the weight that they need to have the surgery and live healthier lives. You can watch 1,000-Lb Sisters on Wednesday, January 1st at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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