Telemundo La Doña Spoilers: The Rainbows make big mistake

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Telemundo La Doña spoilers indicate our bad guys made a big mistake. As Altagracia Sandoval’s (Aracely Arambula) trial moves forward, we spend some time with our hacker, Noelia (Paola Fernández). And we get some insight into the group of killers stalking Mexico this season. Here’s what you need to know.

La Dona spoilers: Background

As you might remember, our main issue this season is the Rainbow Killers. They’re called this because they attack their victims with paintballs before going in for the kill. The presence is what led Altagracia to return after two years of playing dead. Her daughter, Mónica Hernández (Danna Paola), and son-in-law, Saúl Aguirre (David Chocarro) appeared to get on the killers’ bad side with their investigation. While we have other ideas about his death, and know someone else nabbed Mónica, the characters don’t know this. So, what’s really going on with this group?

La Doña spoilers: Twisted mess

We’ve learned several things about the Rainbow killers since the premiere. The whole thing started with one twisted little sociopath who killed the first victim. Then, he dragged some friends into the “fun”. We can’t stress enough how messed up this guy, Lucho Navarrete (Bernardo Flores) is. A recent episode showed him getting off while watching his kills on a huge projection screen. To put the heat off them after evidence came to light, they set up a fall guy. Unfortunately, they didn’t do their homework. The driver they set up, who works for a company whose trucks are used in the crimes, couldn’t have done it. They’d chosen to suicide a man with a severe injury that makes hunting down women impossible. But that wasn’t their only mistake.

La Doña spoilers: Dysfunctional group

For one, Eduardo Pérez (Agustín Argüello) and Nando (Cuauhtli Jiménez) are following a guy who’s clearly more messed up then any of them. Lucho can’t control his impulses. After supposedly taking care of the situation, they’d agreed this killing spree was over. Only Lucho kidnapped yet another woman. This obviously makes their fall guy scheme completely useless. Then, the worst happened.

La Doña spoilers: Stupid plan

On the surface, the idea to check out the Renacer foundation is a good one. Noelia got away, and they need to find her, so what better place than a haven for abused women? Unfortunately, the attempt was clumsy as you-know-what. Isabela Sandoval (Paola Albo) thought something was off about him, and Noelia recognized him immediately. She’s got super memory for details, even a small one like only seeing her assailant’s eyes. That was enough for her to realize he’d found her, so she alerted the cops. It was an awesome thing to watch our psychopaths squirm as one of their own gets chased down. However, we don’t expect this to be a breakthrough in the case. There’s a bunch of episodes to go yet. Plus, I’m sure Lucho will find a way to get rid of his friend before they’re sold out. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry

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