La Doña spoilers: Three great moments from season one, and Telemundo has a surprise

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La Doña spoilers reveal there’s plenty of buzz around the return of this show. It’s been three years since season one began, and star Aracely Arambula confirmed the return about a year or two after season one ended. With such a long wait, Telemundo has a surprise for fans. Much like they did with another show that returned after a long absence, they’re catching fans up. Here’s what you need to know.

La Doña spoilers: Season One rewind

Telemundo recently announced La Doña: Edición Especial. If it’s anything like what they did for La Reina del Sur (Queen of the South), fans can expect to see a compact version of the original story. Given La Doña was over a 100 episodes and the new season is a little under a month away, we expect a lot to get cut. But we’re sure when the episodes take over the 9 PM time slot Monday, December 23rd, they’ll give fans a great understanding of the series and the characters. However, we’d like to take a minute to celebrate this return by pointing a few moments that still stick with us three years later. Let’s start with a moment from the premiere.

La Doña spoilers: They did what?

We knew this series would be crazy from episode one. As we mentioned before, Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arambula) eventually fell for Saul Aguirre (David Chocarro). However, when the show started, each were with different people. Saul was dating a fellow lawyer, while Altagracia was with a big power player in the country. One she was using to her own means.

In what we can only assume was a way to show just how different these characters are, Telemundo gave viewers a simultaneous sex scene. While Saul and his love were sickening sweet and tender with each other, we get their scene mixed with Altagracia choking her own man—something he liked. It couldn’t have demonstrated where these relationships stood better.

La Doña spoilers: Past and present

Another standout moment from the first season showed the complexity and damaged nature of this character. After committing a lot of evil acts in her quest for revenge against those who hurt her, Altagracia is on the run. She gets shot in the arm and shows just how badass she is. This woman takes the bullet out and cleans/covers the wound all on her own. Then, things get deep.

While she’s alone in the bathroom, she sees her younger self and has a real heart-to-heart moment with this young girl who had no idea what lay ahead. Words seriously can’t to that scene justice. We suggest you look it up and see for yourself.

La Doña spoilers: The end

Of course, we also have that dark side to Altagracia. The vigilante who has had enough. After faking her death and escaping to France, she makes a call to her former love-turned-son-in-law. She makes it clear she doesn’t want her daughter, Monica Hernández (Danna Paola) to know she’s alive, but when Saul tries to talk justice, she doesn’t want to hear it. She thinks the system is messed up and says justice has a name, and it’s Altagracia Sandoval.

Just before, we had a great speech from Monica as well. While their relationship was mostly hateful in this season, she’s had a change of heart by the finale. Especially after her mother ends up allegedly dead. She gives an awesome speech in response to reporters smearing Altagracia’s name. It perfectly conveys her complex feelings for the woman who gave her up, including the sympathy she has for the events that made her mother such an infamous person.

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