Telemundo La Doña spoilers: Monica goes Doña, while Altagracia fights for her freedom

La Doña spoilers reveal episode two had more surprises in store. Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arambula) finds herself in a desperate situation when Monica Hernandez (Danna Paola) needs her most. We’ll also see a little bit more about how Altagracia works, and get some insight into the death of Saul Aguirre (David Chocarro) and what he was up to in his last days. Here’s what you need to know.

La Doña spoilers: He’s back

The biggest surprise of this episode was the return of Braulio Padilla (José María Galeano). He was once Altagracia’s right hand. A series of events put the pair at odds, and he died after a car struck him in season one. Only not so much. La Doña spoilers reveal Braulio survived with the help of Alfonso Cabral (José Sefami). He’s the father of Rafael Cabral (Juan Ríos Cantú), one of Los Monkeys. That was the group that killed Altagracia’s parents and boyfriend. Alfonso took Braulio to a clinic under an assumed name, then paid off someone to pass off a random guy who suffered the same type of accident as Braulio. He’s only been back for one episode, but he’s already causing a massive headache for our Doña.

La Doña spoilers: Crossovers and pay backs

Braulio doesn’t waste time. After twenty years of working with Altagracia, he knows all. Altagracia has ties to the cartel from El Señor de Los Cielos and others. Her construction company and other dealings are partially a way for her associates to launder money while making her a huge sum. She’s got quite a bit of her own tied into all these business arrangements, and Braulio sells a bunch of these associates out quickly. Altagracia is left with no money to bribe her way out of her legal situation and unsure of what those already caught are saying. She does have a lawyer who agrees to pay in the meantime, earning her house arrest. This is where some things take a dark turn.

La Doña spoilers: Secrets and role models

Before Saul died, he’d been working on the Rainbow Killer case with a hacker who happens to be the sister of the group’s first victim. Thanks to her, Saul had a lot of information about the case, which cost him his life. Monica learns of this and picks up where he left off. There’s just one issue. La Doña spoilers indicate she’s in no place to do this. She’s raw from her loss, understandably, and she’s suddenly understanding her vengeful mother. She wants Saul’s killer(s) to pay.

Altagracia manages to call Monica and hears of this revenge plan. She’s not happy, but Monica points out this is pretty much what she did. In an awesome scene that shows a softer side to Altagracia, she tells Monica she’s “not your role model.” We love she wants to spare her daughter becoming what she did, and ending up in the same situation. Can she save Monica from herself? We’ll have to wait and see.

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