La Doña spoilers: Premiere date set! New promo reveals a big reason for Altagracia’s return!

La Doña spoilers reveal a date is set. The popular series is returning for a second season, after a three-year absence. The first season in 2016 had fans calling for a second season almost immediately. It took Telemundo a while, but the network confirmed the series will return this January. Read on to learn more about the premiere and what to expect, based on the promos.

La Doña spoilers: The return

The official date is set for January 13, 2020. As the episodes will air, as we expected, at 9 PM EST, this means a bit of a schedule shake up. Currently, the slot is taken by the anthology series Decisiones: Unos ganan, otros pierden. The series will move to 8 PM this Monday to accommodate this, as well as something special. We’ll get into that more in another article. First, let’s talk a bit about the show and what to expect.

La Doña spoilers: The promo

We already knew there was a tragedy in the works this season. La Doña spoilers reveal that Saul Aguirre (David Chocarro), the former love interest of our Doña, Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arambula). As is common in soap and telenovela land, he ends up falling for her daughter, Monica Hernández (Danna Paola) and they get married in the finale on season one. Unfortunately, the actor isn’t available for this season, so the action will focus, in part, on his disappearance. But it seems he’s not the only one missing.

La Doña spoilers: Mama to the rescue

In a move we assume will be a big part of Altagracia’s decision to return to Mexico, La Doña spoilers indicate her daughter is also missing. The latest promo focuses on that angle, and shows a desperate Altagracia in action. It’s a fitting angle, as Altagracia and Monica have a very complex relationship. Altagracia ended up pregnant with her due to a rape and gave Monica away. Actually, at her aunt’s advice, she hooked up with an older man with a construction company and let him believe Monica was his. Then she basically stole everything out from under him and let him fend for a little baby by himself. Yes, we never said Altagracia was a typical novela protagonist. Still, she has a good side to her.

Despite her fury and pain over losing Saul, she put aside her aside all that and let them marry instead of shooting him from a distance as she’d planned. She even faked her death, in part, because she believed Monica was better off without her in her life. Even when Monica was begging her to stick around and face up to her crimes.

La Doña spoilers: Fun times ahead

Be ready for almost anything when this show returns. We’ve already got a group of killers who are stalking the area and mark their victims with paint balls. Last season, there was witchcraft, and all kinds of other crazy. We expect La Doña to get what she wants, at any price. And we’re hopeful for a better relationship between her and Monica.

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