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Check Out These Bloopers From The End of the F***ing World S2

The End of the F***ing World Season 2 Bloopers


What can I say about The End of the F***ing World? It’s an odd show that will have you wondering “What in the blue hell is going on here?” That doesn’t mean it’s a show worth skipping or that it has far too much going on, though. If it ran for an hour then I might have to say “Yeah, this is a bit much.”  

Season 1 

It’s a bleak comedy that keeps a decent pace to match the weird situations James and Alyssa find themselves in. Just when you think that the story will slow it down and you’ll get to take a breather, it escalates. As their adventure escalates in season one, their relationship develops as James—who is actually intending to kill Alyssa—falls for her. 

Now, that part is expected even though they started as unlikely travel companions and odd circumstances kept them together. The underlying thing in season one is James wanting to kill a human, so you’re sitting through the season waiting for it to happen while also seeing if he has a plan if it happens. However, with everything happening it never seems like it will happen. 

The End of the F***ing World Season 2 

This brings us to season two which debuted last month. Without spoiling the last stretch of season one and this season, I will say expect much of the same if you follow this show. If you don’t watch The End of the F***ing World and you’re curious, just know that season one isn’t a wild ride so much as a series of snowballing events. 

Season two isn’t that but James and Alyssa’s lives are complicated by people who are probably more messed up than them. I watched it thinking that the two of them moved forward a little bit from the events of season one but those thoughts were quickly thrown out. 

For The End of the F***ing World fans, here are some hilarious bloopers from the show’s production. The best one on here to me is Jessica Barden, who plays Alyssa, going into a “Bop It” sequence—only for Alex Lawther, who plays James—to join in. Also, check out my dive into Netflix’s new series V Wars.

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