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Immortas: See The Trailer For Netflix's Vampire Hit

Immortals: See The Trailer For Netflix’s Vampire Hit


I’ll put Netflix’s Immortals in the “unexpectedly good” category. It’s described as a “vampire thriller” which is accurate. There’s a nice mix of drama and action here without things going too far in either direction. The Turkish-produced series wasn’t even a gamble.  

There are two things that thrive on Netflix: horror and drama. If you put those two together—which normally happens—you’ve got a winning combination for a show. From the start, Immortals pulls you into an Istanbul where a clan of vampires—led by the cold-blooded Dmitry dominates.

Immortals: See The Trailer For Netflix’s Vampire Hit 

There is a resistance of vampire hunters who want to bring them down and prevent children from being kidnapped. The thing about this group of vampire hunters is that they’re more of a gang. While they have a few—meaning two—skilled fighters on their side, they’re not particularly organized. That’s where Mia comes into the picture. 

Mia is a vampire who was turned by Dmitry centuries earlier. She wants to kill him so that she can become mortal again for…reasons. I mean, I suppose the whole blood-drinking thing has run its course and immortality is boring. I don’t know.

Assisting her is Melisa, who works for Dmitry and Numel, who was turned by the vampire kingpin and has fallen out with him over the centuries and has a relic that all vampires covet. 

Check Out The Trailer for Immortals 

The trailer gives you a taste of what’s in store when you dive into the series. In this show, the atmosphere and setting are dark—as you’d expect—while having very good pacing. Immortals runs for eight episodes and under an hour each. It’s not an exhaustive watch and it doesn’t get too bogged down with too much story. As a matter of fact, it will seem like you just started watching it before the season ends. 

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