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Netflix Pick Friday: V Wars

V Wars Is This Friday’s Netflix Weekend Pick

Netflix tends to debut a show or film weekly. Sometimes they pop up with little fanfare—probably because of little interest—while most of the time there’s hype behind them. My pick for Netflix Pick Friday is V Wars, starring Ian Somerhalder and Adrian Holmes, two veterans of network TV and The CW alums.  

The Pick: V Wars 

Debuting yesterday, V Wars is about an outbreak that leads to vampirism. Our protagonist—depending on the side you take—Dr. Luther Swann (Somerhalder) takes to curing the outbreak when his best friend Michael Fayne (Holmes) contracts the disease.  

Swann aims to help his friend who has embraced the new abilities and the curse that comes with vampirism. Things escalate into—you guessed it—a war between humans and vampires. 

I really got in to this show for a number of reasons. At the top of that is that I’ll watch roughly anything with vampires in it. It’s really the best way to get me to not only watch a show but commit to the season. Number two is Ian Somerhalder is in. I wasn’t a fan of Lost but his role as Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries made him my actor to watch on that show.  

I mean, he really delivered as Damon. Finally, this is a Canadian (and American) sci-fi/fantasy show. Continuum and the short-run Between sealed Canadian-produced shows for me and SyFy have several of them that I watch regularly. It’s an odd thing I know but I’m the same way with narconovelas. 

Back to V Wars. It has that Netflix pace to it that I love along with that “I’ll stay for another episode” hook. You have the whole season there so you’re not just going to hang on for more episodes and V Wars is one of those shows that takes advantage of Netflix’s approach.  

It’s a good show to burn over the weekend and is good enough to pick up another season at least. You can peep the trailer below.