Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Hosanna Plath – Underneath The Facade of Perfection!

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Hosanna Plath - Underneath The Facade of Perfection!

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers finds that we’ve only seen Hosanna Plath one time in the series and that was in the pilot. She is described by Moriah and her sisters as “The Perfect One”. Now, honestly, there isn’t that much that much information on Hosanna out there, with the exception of one documentary. That I happened to find on youtube, and that was mainly describing their family band. The Plaths have a band? Yes. They have an old school gospel family band and, as gospel music goes, they sound pretty good.

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: A musical prodigy

In the documentary, Hosanna’s musical abilities are praised, she sounds like a music prodigy, in my own personal opinion. How did Hosanna get so good at music? God-given talent aside, there is a culture in the south, especially among the christian community that heavily centers around music. Big names in music often get their start at church. In the christian legalist homeschool community, a lot of children aren’t raised with a lot of intellectually creative outlets, the one exception being music, in that area they can shine because hardly anyone gets mad over music.

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: …but turned down a college scholarship? Wow.

In the Pilot it was said that Hosanna had a musical scholarship to a college but turned it down. Mama Plath (KIm) said it was a personal choice and that she’s much happier living life than she would be ‘gaining head knowledge’ behind a desk at college. I find it a bit odd that Kim Plath, who went to FSU to study music herself wouldn’t encourage her own daughter to do the same but perhaps that’s one of the pieces of the story that we’re missing. Maybe that will be revealed on one of the upcoming episodes, it would definitely be interesting to see a look inside Hosanna’s mind, but since she’s already married and living away form the family in Ohio, I wouldn’t hold my breath on it happening anytime soon.

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Was Hosanna’s marriage the ‘Yoko’ of the Plath family band?

But getting back to the music part of things, Hosanna seemed to be intrinsic in the Plath family band because she is the one that could hear harmonies and therefore taught everyone their respective parts. They said that with Hosanna’s tutelage the other girls could jump right in and harmonize as well, but jumping in after someone directs you and actually hearing the harmony for yourself is two different things. Perhaps that’s why we don’t really hear much from the Plaths on the music front right now, when the band is down a member, the music suffers. Although, they do have a website and it says that they are taking a break from touring right now but may resume things in the future.

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Married life

Obviously, Hosanna’s off living her life and perhaps she’s only so happy to do so. After all, she married a fellow musician and together they travel and spread the good word through their music. Apparently they met at the National Quarter Convention in 2016 but didn’t get engaged until summer of 2018. That’s a pretty long relationship in terms of fundamentalists. They also had a long engagement as well, they only got married on July 29th of 2019! So they really haven’t been married that long – no wonder Hosanna isn’t around, she’s still in the honeymoon phase of things! Will we see her around for maybe the holidays or something? Perhaps!

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Is the perfection just a facade?

The thing that I have to wonder about is the whole air of perfection that Hosanna is projecting. Was it really just something that came naturally to her, or was it a coping mechanism for growing up in a restrictive household? One could argue that maybe it was a bit of both. Obviously, music is her gift and what she’s good at so of course it would be a retreat for her. But, that could’ve also been the only viable creative outlet she had due to the kind of lifestyle the Plaths live. As I said before, in southern, fundamentalist culture, music is something that stimulates both intellectually and creatively that no one really argues about and thank God for that.

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Three solo albums? Where?

One kind of wonders how she interacts with her new husband, if maybe she’s developed some new hobbies other than music or if she’s more free to express herself. From the sounds of it, she married someone with a similar background to her, who sang, played, and traveled with his own family band and how has his own studio where he produces his own albums. According to the Plath family website, Hosanna has released three solo albums and one has to wonder if it was through her husband’s studio. (By the way, I checked the Plath family website and there is apparently no online store but they do have some youtube videos up. None of which are solos by Hosanna.)

Whatever the case, Hosanna seems to be the most secretive of the Plaths and will likely remain that way for the time being. I don’t know if she’ll ever be on the series again but one thing is for certain, she seems to be content to remain out of the limelight. Although whether that’s because she wants to or because her husband doesn’t want to be on camera remains to be seen. Here’s hoping it was a mutual decision and not a decision she was forced into making. Although with these types of couples, you never can tell. Maybe some more info about Hosanna will be spilled soon. Until then we’ll just have to stay tuned!!!

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