BH90210 spoilers: BH90210 cancelled. Revival series ends after one season

BH90210 spoilers reveal that the iconic show’s revival is over. The news was announced on Friday, November 8th. Ever since the finale on Wednesday, September 11, Tori Spelling (Donna Martin) had been rallying to get the show renewed. Other cast members, like Christine Elise (Emily Valentine) did as well. There was even a petition to bring it back. Ultimately, it was for nothing.

BH90210 spoilers: Troubled run

The show started off with some tough news. On the same day that the revival was announced, it was revealed that former Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Luke Perry had a stroke that ultimately proved fatal. Better news would come later.

The first episode was a win, with FOX boasting it as the highest-rated summer premiere. Unfortunately, that didn’t last. Episode 2’s ratings took a nosedive, earning huge headlines. The ratings continued to drop by the week, only not as dramatically. It seemed the last couple of episodes were a turning point, but apparently the slight improvements weren’t enough for FOX to stick with the show.

BH90210 spoilers: Unique concept

One of the things that is saddest about the end of the show was, it was so unique. It wasn’t a typical revival where we catch up with the characters years later. Instead, the concept of the show had the original cast playing heightened versions of themselves who are putting together such a show. This gave so many opportunities to poke fun at themselves, their characters, and also give nods to the past. Each episode featured a fantasy sequence where the actors dreamed about living their character’s ‘90s lives. This allowed the writers to add plenty of easter eggs. We also saw a couple of well-done guest appearances from Carol Potter (Cindy Walsh) and Jamie Walters (Ray Pruett). The best, though, was having Elise be an executive running the production. Her tough-as-nails persona provided a commentary on Hollywood, as well as poking fun at the teen drama thing.

BH90210 spoilers: Missed opportunity

The biggest disappointment, however, is the finale. While it was a great episode and kept with the standard of spot-on humor and acting of the previous episodes, it left us wondering what might have been. The episode brought in a huge cliffhanger, as the troubled reboot is forced to move to Canada, and one cast member isn’t going to be back. We can’t help but wonder who was going to get the axe and how that would’ve played out.

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We also would love to see the vision Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor) and Spelling spoke of. The second season would have explored the show-with-the-show more. It also promised mystery, as the actresses pointed out in an interview that finding the arsonist doesn’t mean the threat was over. This hints that there was someone else stalking their fictional selves through the production. We also would’ve loved to see Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh) learn that Zach (Ty Wood) was his kid. Here’s hoping they’re able to take it to another network/streaming service. Spelling herself hinted that might not be giving up just yet….

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3 things happened this past summer… – 1. #bh90210 was the highest rated show of the summer . – 2. Our #bh90210 cast proved that after 20 years, you indeed CAN go home again… – 3. I didn’t cram myself (with 3 pairs of spanx! ) into a red dress I wore on tv when I was 18 years old for nothin… – Sometimes home isn’t where you ARE but who you are WITH. Together, our #bh90210 family can do anything. We’ve proved that to each other and our loyal fans. We ARE better together. – Our show is so meta that all the reality out there just helps us continue to evolve and gives us GREAT new storylines! The gift that keeps on giving. We aim to keep audiences guessing what will happen next. So stay tuned as our journey unfolds… #bh90210 #onthemove #myhighschooldressfits #miraclesdohappen

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