‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Gets Beeches Corner Dirt That Could Rid PC Of Shiloh’s DoD Infestation For Good!

Jason Gets Beeches Corner Dirt That Could Rid PC Of Shiloh's DoD Infestation For Good!

‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers indicate that during a conversation with Sonny Corinthos, Michael Corinthos will wonder if the DA has enough evidence to lock up Shiloh Archer for good (or at least for a good long while), but they both know that due to Harmony Miller taking the fall for him and Margaux Dawson’s resignation that he’s walking around a free man. Here’s what you need to know.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Gets Beeches Corner Dirt That Could Rid PC Of Shiloh’s DoD Infestation For Good!

Jason has some good news on that front, he thinks that he has something that may be able to rid Port Charles of the Shiloh infestation for good. Margaux let it slip that Beeches Corners might provide the answer that they seek, because a remarkably similar thing happened to Shiloh there as well, charges of drugging and then someone else took the fall for him. Shiloh has the Beeches Corners’ PD eating out of his hand, but if the little bird that helped him is still in prison then perhaps they would be willing to sing? You never know. Shiloh’s control doesn’t reach to everybody!

Willow will make a shocking confession to Detective Harrison Chase, but it won’t matter to him what she says, he will assure her that Wiley Cooper Jones is completely safe. The little army that they have is ready and willing to protect this child at all costs, and the good detective will have faith in all of them. No word on whether or not Willow will be comforted by this or not. He will do everything in his power to reassure Willow, but as we all know, Shiloh has people coming out of the woodwork for him. People that are ready and willing to lay down their life for his, and they would help him do anything to get his ‘son’ back. However, as we all know, he’s barking up the wrong tree and his son really did die. Boy is that going to be embarassing!

General Hospital Spoilers: Dev Makes a Return

Josslyn flips out on the stranger she found in Lulu’s house, stealing her stuff. However, he’s not such a stranger to us! This guy is Dev, the teenager from Dante’s mission in Turkey. Lulu has no idea about all that though and will go in on this stranger, making threats and calling the cops. She warns Dev that he better be thankful that the cops will probably make it there first instead of her step-Dad Sonny. But, Sonny knows Dev, and Sonny may even take this kid under his wing instead of taking him out back and proverbially tanning his hide as Josslyn thinks.

Dr. Finn Hamilton will want to have a word with Kevin Collins, and of course that sparks Laura’s interest. The topic of the day will probably be Ryan, not that Kevin really gives a crap anymore about his brother’s well-being but Finn probably feels obligated to keep him in the loop since it is his brother. Jordan will still be willing to look the other way in this medical cover-up, but it’s definitely leaving a bad taste in her mouth. Will she continue to play her part or will she spill the beans? Stay tuned!!!