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Britney Spears’ Lawyer Slams Kevin Federline For Posting Online Videos Of Her Arguments With Their Sons

Update As Britney Spears Claps BACK At Ex Kevin Federline’s Allegations About Her Kids: “I Truly Love… Like My Kids”

In a recent post to her IG, Britney Spears went on and on about her five dogs (five? we were only aware of two… okay then!) and then she decided to go in depth about the situation with her children and speak on that, and boy, was what she had to say really eye opening.

Britney Spears claps back at ex Kevin Federline’s allegations

“Just another day here in my new adorable neighborhood I live in!!! it’s honestly really cool, I take my dogs to this little tiny park and I see how incredibly smart my baby dogs are!!! They actually sense how we are in a new place at the park and they absolutely love it!!! Daisy literally runs around with her mouth open, but the little white puff ball tried to run away the first time, so I keep them close!!! I haven’t really shown my house yet because it’s hard to completely embrace it!!! Yes, it’s beautiful but I miss my other house for some reason!!! It’s hard for me to let go of things I truly love… like my kids. The situation should have 100 percent been dealt with privately and definitely not online!!! A British Network claimed that their stepmom’s goal is to keep the children away from the controversy and trauma in my home… I have love in my home and I have blessings from the people I allow in and out of my home!!! I looked forward to seeing my kids every week… it was 2 days but I asked him to stay for more days maybe 3 days… but then the next week they stayed for only one day. Yeah, I know that teenagers are hard to deal with at that age… but COME ON, there’s being rude and then there’s just being HATEFUL.. they would visit me, walk in the door, go straight to their room and lock the door!!! The MONITOR would tell me that he just likes to be in his room… I’m like why come visit me if they don’t even visit me!!! But I never said that because I have to be kind!!! REMEMBER if I speak up as a woman or say something argumentative like I did with a dance move saying no to it I got sent to that place for 4 months!!! So do I dare speak up and show my upward thoughts of being a real woman and possibly offend the person in front of my face? No… I take it and keep my mouth shut!!! It registers right in the core of my stomach… it hurts and I want to scream!!! I want to shake their shoulders and say wake up I’m here too!!! The teenage age is weird, I don’t know what’s going on in their head!!! We would always do prayer time, not really prayer time that sounds silly but it’s called “devotion”… where you read two or three pages in a prayer book and talk about it. I always TRIED and TRIED, and maybe that’s why they stopped coming here!!! I wanted them to love me so much that I might have overdone it!!! This summer, they told me “we may come here less” and I was like that’s fine and I called their Dad told him that it seems like the boys are wanting to stop coming here as much, which I get because they have their own thing going on but I feel like they are being pretty harsh!!! His words were, “I would never let them make that decision on their own… I would never do that to you!!!” well after that I haven’t seen them since!!! I will say though, as available as I had to be for 8 people a day when my Dad took me out of my home for 4 months… it’s been kinda nice not having to ask about which days the boys are coming this week… and making me wait 2-3 days for a reply!!! But again it’s just another way for my family to make me feel like absolutely nothing!!! “We will let you know, ma.” “When can we see you.” So as much of you watch, what he refers to as his PERFECT BRADY BUNCH family… I can guarantee you that house has more weed than Ludacris, 50 cent, Jay Z and Puff Daddy combined!!! He wants to bring up my past with that bald-headed peckerhead face Kaplan and circle back to that hard time in my life!!! That was almost 20 years ago… their game doesn’t work anymore!!! In those years of the conservatorship I had to become a fucking saint with the pain I had to endure by keeping my mouth shut in my stomach as they literally took my womanhood away from me!!! I made up for past mistakes and MORE in that time!!! My sister does it… she speaks up in her household and corrects people!!! But how come whenever I did it, it was considered a THREAT???  Oh shit he might have to get involved with this one… but if he did he would always say SIT DOWN we need to talk… first thing was ALWAYS “nobody likes you”… then the rest of it was I guess due to whatever I said. It was basically how dare I say something to offend others and make them THINK for a change!!! Anyways, I know it’s all worded out but you know what I talk about it because my heart doesn’t understand cruelty. It breaks my heart because it seems that these days, cruelty does in fact win, although its not about winning or losing!!! But I can’t process how I dedicated 20 years of my life to those kids… everything was about them!!! For them to knock the breath out of me… see you can’t fix me!!! No therapy or sense of worship can fix my heart!!! I will forever have trauma and I know this, I’ve accepted it… it would take a miracle to fix my heart and not one miracle, maybe 3!!! Either way, I have a beautiful pool, a supportive husband, and 5 dogs… okay I’m much but that’s how I love… have a good day!!!”

For those of you that tuned out somewhere in the middle of this long ramble, this is a pain that sounds like it’s unique to being a Mom who didn’t get a chance to actually be a Mom, or at least not be a Mom in the way that she actually wanted to to her kids.

Hear me out, it sounds like when she was in the conservatorship that K-Fed took the reins (after all, what else could they do? Rely on Jamie Spears? Ha! We saw how that turned out.) and from the sounds of it, they have two very different parenting styles.

Of course Britney is going to parent similar to the way that she grew up and having grown up in the south myself, having “devotional” time isn’t all that uncommon, but it sounds like K-Fed was not that type of parent, and it also sounds like the boys are feeling their oats as teenagers and simply, maybe don’t hold their Mother’s religious beliefs as much as she wanted them to. So that could be a source of angst between Mom and Sons.

We realize that a lot of times during the conservatorship, Britney was forced to put on a good face simply in order to maintain visitation rights to her kids and that is why these revelations made by K-Fed are coming as such a shock now to her, because she was being told that she was doing everything right… and now as it turns out, she wasn’t.

The kids were off on their own trajectory and K-Fed, sounds like, wasn’t doing anything to really guide them back to where Britney would even be a blip on the radar screen. We’re not saying he parented the kids badly, simply differently, than how things were if Britney had been involved. Britney didn’t realize how far her boys had grown up away from her, and that’s where this has come in. We’ll keep an eye on this. Stay tuned!!!