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Update As Anne Heche Dead at 53 Following Tragic Car Crash

Those who were around in the 80’s remember the name Anne Heche, but for an entirely different reason than most people can place the name these days. Some people only remember her time in the 90’s as the girlfriend of Ellen DeGeneres, or her late 90’s/early 00’s struggles with mental health which she talked about in one of her most famous interviews, but that’s not what us 80’s babies and soap afficianados remember her for.

What we remember her for is her dual role on Another World back in the day as Vicky and Marly Hudson. It was kind of a big deal, to have one actress playing dual roles, and she did say that it was a tough gig but most of us would tune in to watch the blonde bombshell every week get up to mischief with her twin.

Anne Heche, dead at 53

The storylines we most remember are when she found out her true parentage, that her and her twins’ Mother wasn’t who she thought it was for so many years. (It turned out to be Donna – played by Anna Stuart – back in the day), and her infamous torrid affair with Dr. Jamie Frame (Laurence Lau) when she played Marly after Vicky died.

Of course, Heche got out of the soap biz and went onto pursue other opportunities in acting, one of which included the movie “Dogma”, along with the TV show “Men In Trees” in which she played the main character, it lasted for two seasons. She even lent her voice to the animated Legend of Korra for the character Suyin Beifong back in 2014 and was on Dancing With the Stars as recently as 2020. (Quite a feat during a pandemic!)

But those OG’s among us will always remember her as Vicky and Marly Hudson, forever a teenager, forever young and in the opulence of the mid-80’s. For some of us, we never forgot, it brings back good memories of days gone by.

Our hearts go out to her family in this time, her two sons, we hope that they can find some peace and understanding in a time like this, life never prepares you for the death of a parent. Anne Heche was an organ donor, she was only 53. Her son Homer stated, “Rest in Peace Mom, we love you.” indeed, we echo that sentiment.