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True Crime: Update As Man From Rome, Georgia Man Freezes Grandmother and Leaves Her To Die, Says He Didn’t Know What Else To Do

In the world of true crime, a man from Rome, Georgia has been arrested after he confessed that he is the one who put his grandmother in the freezer and left her to die there. He said that she was injured and he didn’t know what else to do with her.

Robert Keith Tincher III is 29 years old and is charged with murder, aggravated battery, and concealing the death of his grandmother, Doris Cumming.

True Crime: What Happened?

It looks as if Tincher placed his grandmother in plastic bags and took her to a large freezer in their home. She had fallen in the home and according to him, her back was broken. When she was put in the freezer, she was still alive and breathing. The Floyd County Police believe that he was trying to conceal the fact that he was responsible for her injuries and that was why he wanted to hide her in the freezer.

True Crime: Georgia Man Freezes Grandmother

The police went to the home after a family member called them and they were very concerned about Doris’ wellbeing. Tincher didn’t want to call 911 when his grandmother fell because he had a warrant out for his arrest already and he was worried that he would go to jail for that.

The warrant for his arrest was because he made terroristic threats toward his wife on social media. He actually tried to hire a hitman to kill his wife. He made the contact via Facebook Messenger back in 2018. He failed to appear in court for this, so there was a felony bench warrant for his arrest.

Even though Tincher is the one responsible for his grandmother’s death, he told the police just how much he loved her and she always gave him the attention and love that he needed. Tincher was arrested and booked for the death of his grandmother, but also he is facing even more charges due to the outstanding warrant that he has for his arrest.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation now has his grandmother’s body and they are looking into exactly what happened and if Tincher is telling the truth about what happened and why he decided to stick his grandmother in the freezer.

This is a very sad case and we hope that the other family members can get some justice when it comes time to sentence Tincher. We will continue to monitor this story for changes in the details.

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