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True Crime: American Idol Cast Member Denied Bond Once Again

True Crime: American Idol Cast Member Denied Bond Once Again

If you follow American Idol, you may remember Caleb Kennedy. He is serving time in prison for driving his car into a building and killing a man last month. This past Thursday, he had his court hearing and he had the chance to face the family of the man he killed. Larry Duane Passis was the man that he has been charged with killing. He was refused bond for the third time.

True Crime: The Incident

When the accident occurred, Parris was at his garage in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The incident happened on February 8 and Kennedy, who is 17 years old, crashed his car into the building and injured Parris. When he was arrested, it did appear that Kennedy was under the influence. His wife, Donna Harvell, and his daughter were at a virtual court hearing where they would give their emotional plea to keep Kennedy behind bars for killing the man they love.

True Crime: American Idol Cast Member Denied Bond Once Again

Donna told the court, “The only reason we are here is that this man made a conscious decision to put something into his body and then consciously got into a vehicle knowing he didn’t need to be driving and came down a dead-end road and came into my driveway. I don’t think he should be allowed to get out and take a chance of doing that to somebody else. For a month now, I’ve laid down and closed my eyes only to see the same things over, and over again.”

His daughter added, “My daddy laying in his own shop, moaning and groaning, with a complete stranger. Judge, I have to re-live that day, every day, for the rest of my life. Please explain to me how he has the opportunity to go home. Noting’s changed between February 8 and today, so why are we even here?”

Kennedy’s attorney was quick to say that the judge’s verdict is very “frustrating”. He added, “The ruling means Caleb will not be eligible to have bond until South Carolina Law Enforecement Division completes the toxicology report, which could take up to six months because of the backlog. We provided the court with blood/urine results that show the presence of THC, which is what the State is alleging is the illegal influence, so what else do they need? That is why the previous judge’s ruling makes Caleb’s situation so frustrating. This means there is no foreseeable date for a bond.”

His attorney went on to say that he is a minor and has no other charges on his record. He was going to see his girlfriend and it was in the middle of the day. “Caleb has done nothing but express remorse and sorrow for the Parris family every time I speak to him.”

We will continue to watch this case.

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