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True Crime: Anti-Abortionist Ends Up With Five Fetuses At Her Home

True Crime: Anti-Abortionist Ends Up With Five Fetuses At Her Home

In a very odd case, the Washington D.C. police found five aborted fetuses at the home of a woman who claims to be an anti-abortion activist. This discovery was made on Wednesday by D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and they have yet to file any criminal charges, but things are just bizarre in this case. Medical examiners were asked to identify what was found in Lauren Handy’s apartment, and they were fetuses.

True Crime: What Happened?

On Wednesday, the police received a tip that Handy’s home had possible hazardous materials in it and what police found was pretty intense. There were forensic specialists that went into her home with coolers and hazardous waste bags. Many of the neighbors watched this all happen and some of them didn’t appear shocked by her behavior.

True Crime: Anti-Abortionist Ends Up With Five Fetuses At Her Home

The fetuses had been frozen and aborted in accordance with the laws in D.C. The real question is how did the fetuses get to her apartment. It is also concerning that she was keeping them in her freezer. What was she planning to do with them?

Interestingly enough, the raid on her home happened the same day that she earned that she had been indicted with eight others on federal felony conspiracy charges. She is being accused of blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic in October of 2020.

This blockade was directed and led by her and she even aired it on Facebook Live. The indictment reads, “Handy and hr co-defendants forcefully entered the clinic and set about blockading two clinic doors using their bodies, furniture, chains, and ropes.”

The indictment continues, “The indictment also alleges that the nine defendants violated the FACE Act by using a physical obstruction to injure, intimidate, and interfere with the clinic’s employees and a patient, because they were providing or obtain reproductive health services.” There may be federal charges brought up against her once the police find out how she got the fetuses to her home.

Handy is the director of activism of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising. The group has told its followers that they will have a press conference next week to address what happened to Handy. They have also stated it in a way that sounds as if they feel the police are making up the story of finding the fetuses. They say that these are just claims and that Handy would never do anything like that. We will keep an eye on this case as well.

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