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Bam Margera Has Been Partying After Bailing On Rehab

Bam Margera Has Been Partying After Bailing On Rehab

It appears the Bam Margera has once again fallen off the wagon after bailing from a treatment center. A video shows him partying with a group of people while police and his family were looking for him. As we’ve reported, Bam went missing from a Florida rehab facility twice, the most recent was on June 25th where he met up with some people at a sports bar and had some drinks.

One of the people who were reportedly hanging with Bam says that the star then asked to be taken to a hospital because of his injured wrist and claims he drove Bam to the hospital and took a photo of him in the hospital bed at Bam’s request.

Bam Margera Has Been Partying After Bailing On Rehab

After Bam left the hospital he went to a strip club in Pompano Beach. Supposedly, Bam told people there to keep the dancers away from him because he loves his wife and kid. After the club, it looks like he went to a friend’s house. A few hours later he was picked up.

TMZ first broke the story after Bam was found on June 27th at a hotel in Deerfield Beach where police and his family staged an intervention before he agreed to check into a new treatment center.

The good news is he appears to be back at treatment, unfortunately, it looks like he had a wild two days when he busted out and everyone was looking for him. We wonder how this will affect his family life and if he will be on the straight and narrow soon.

Good luck, Bam.

What do you think? Will Bam be able to make it out clean and sober or are you worried that he’ll break out of his rehab facility again? Let us know in the comments below.

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