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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Did Bilal Hazziez Have a Vasectomy?

Of all the strange theories floating around in the 90 day fandom, this one might have some actual weight to it. For the longest time, Shaeeda has been pressing Bilal for a timeline for when she can expect kids. After all she is 37 and unlike men, women have a reproductive window in which they can have a healthy, successful pregnancy without complications.

She wants to have a baby within the next two years but Bilal seems to want to sidestep that particular conversation whenever the matter of the pre-nup is brought up. He will go oddly silent, it’s almost as if he’s purposefully not telling Shaeeda something but what on earth could he be hiding from her? After all, she knows about his previous marriage and the two children that resulted from that union.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Has Bilal Hazziez had a vasectomy?

Could it be that Bilal could have just planned on having two kids at most and has already gotten snipped? Because that could have very well been a thing, and maybe he just didn’t think that things would ever get that far with Shaeeda, after all, he did say that for the longest time he wouldn’t even talk to Shaeeda because of how similar her name was to his ex wife’s name, but then he somehow ended up getting over that and falling for her anyway.

Still, a few people within the fandom have pointed out that there are a few times when Bilal has said things that has made them think that perhaps he could have had the procedure done previously and just not informed Shaeeda yet.

Some people in the fandom have pointed out that leaving it up to “God’s will” is sometimes a cue for such things. Meaning, he would still be acting as if they were trying to get pregnant but he wouldn’t have to go back to a doctor and leaving the family planning “up to God” gives him a lot of leeway. He also stated something along the lines of, “If it’s possible for someone to have kids.”

If he is a healthy, normal, reasonably active man then there is always the possibility unless he knows something about his sperm count that we don’t. However, Shaeeda has already talked about going to see a fertility specialist and all that specialist would have to do is analyze a few things and bam, cover blown for Bilal. So if he balks on going to see the fertility specialist we’ll know something is definitely up. Stay tuned!!!