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Youtube Beefs: Does Tana Mongeau still hate James Charles in 2022?

It’s no secret that Tana Mongeau and James Charles have had beef for what seems to be like ever now (even though in reality it’s only been since like 2019), she has always said that she doesn’t support him anymore and she hates how he uses his power over his fans, etc. but if she still has beef with him then it’s pretty obvious that her other friends have forgiven him.

Because her friend and former co-host of the Cancelled Podcast Brooke Schofield was spotted at Coachella with him taking pictures, and it looks like Tana and Brooke are still on good terms in spite of what might have gone down involving the podcast.

Does Tana Mongeau still hate James Charles?

Then, there was a whole trip dedicated to James Charles’ birthday where a lot of influencers went, including Tana’s BFF Imari and her friend Mario, and apparently according to a recent live she did, she is still on good terms with Imari though she did jokingly call him a “traitor” at one point in the live.

You could tell she was joking and wasn’t at all serious about her accusation, so this leaves us to wonder, since Tana has seemingly patched things up with Shane Dawson, another YouTuber that she claimed to not support anymore as well as her old manager Jordon Worona, one has to wonder will James Charles be next?

It would make sense that he would be next in line. Of course that would be provided that James Charles actually wants anything to do with her after she talked so much crap about him behind his back. James Charles may not be so forgiving about such things and it would only make sense if he wasn’t, since on one of his tiktoks he said that the biggest beef he had was with Tana Mongeau.

So perhaps the ball is in James’ court, but perhaps he just keeps tossing it back because he’s genuinely disinterested in someone who could be that dedicated to hating him for so long. In this case we do see both sides of the story, Tana doesn’t have to support someone who uses his influence over his fans and James doesn’t have to forgive Tana for going on public rants about him.

(Even though no real tea has been spilled in any of them… ahem.) But we won’t be surprised if in a few months there is a collab between the two. Stay tuned!!!