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Cancelled Podcast: Tana Mongeau Reveals To Brooke Schofield That She Has a Book Deal

At least that’s what she said according to the latest episode of the Cancelled Podcast. Among a lot of other things that was one of the things that was dropped at around the top of the podcast.

She didn’t really elaborate on who it was with or what her book would be about (though now we know why we’re not getting regular vlogs) but she did say that she scored the deal to write a book, which just prompted co-host Brooke Schofield to say that she had a huge reading list and then they started talking about audiobooks and the like, Tana literally gave no details other than the fact that she had a book deal.

Okay, cool story Tana, so when’s it coming out?

That explains why she hasn’t been uploading regular content to her youtube channel anymore, she’s saving all of her life stories for when she writes this book and drops it and then makes millions on top of what she’s already made with her Only Fans empire.

Tana Mongeau has a book deal

Never let it be said that Tana isn’t a shrewd businesswoman, she may look like a party girl (and act like it 98% of the time) but it seems that Tana is a party girl with a purpose. In this podcast it seems like she does have some definite goals to her partying ways, including a mention about wanting to someday get pregnant?

In the podcast she mentioned Trisha Paytas’s pregnancy and did say that she didn’t think the internet had the right to comment on what type of Mom Trish would be, but she felt that Trisha would want to be a great Mom and honestly it seems that her feelings about that are right on the money.

Trisha does seem like the type to want to be a great Mom and it’s really unfair of us to speculate until the kid gets here about what sort of Mom she is while she’s pregnant, that’s just in bad taste. Tana went onto say that “maybe one day by the grace of God one of them will stick” in regards to her own ability to get pregnant.

We’re not sure if Tana has actually had a few heartbreaking miscarriages and is just taking pot shots at herself (we hope not, even if it is her own choice that’s really sad) or if she’s just joking around, another running gag is that she has taken over 50 doses of plan B pver the course of her lifetime which would seem to be physically impossible, but she did say something a little heartbreaking on the podcast, she asked Brooke if there had ever been a time when she had been with a guy and after they had finished being intimate she had “really wanted to keep the baby and did this” and then proceeded to put her legs in the air on the video portion of the podcast.

Again, we don’t know if she’s actually being serious or if she’s just kidding around, it’s kind of hard to tell with Tana because she has a tendency to joke about the most morbid of things, but that’s just her humor.

If she does indeed have a book coming out, we’re interested in reading it because no matter what it is, it’s going to be an interesting read. It also might provide some insight into commentary like this… it’ll highly depend on who ghost writes it for her. We’ll see. Stay tuned!!!