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tana mongeau returns to youtube

Tana Mongeau Finally Returns To Youtube

Enjoy it while it lasts, folks! Of course, as you can probably guess, she had an angle – her video was sponsored by glamnetics lashes, but at least she was honest about it. She opened the video with the whole glamnetic sponsored clip so we know why she’s back on youtube.

This video was an update to one of her mpre popular videos, the “How to cake your face like a pro” series that she started way back when where she just did her makeup and talked about the most random things, however her return was not without a little shade throwing. It seems that she threw shade at former youtuber turned tiktok creator Charles Gross by including one of his clips in her video.

Tana Mongeau returns to youtube

However, she did preface that by saying that both she and her friend Imari loved Charles Gross’s tikotk, so perhaps it wasn’t shade and it was just and homage but given their history it seems like Tana would be apt to throwing shade. The one time that Charles alluded to meeting her years ago he said that she was kind of rude to him and said that she didn’t want to be seated next to him at an event.

He wasn’t unkind about the interaction when it happened but there was definitely no love lost between the two, at least back then. One wonders if perhaps there wasn’t some kind of interaction behind the scenes where they made up? If so, then… it hasn’t been talked about, maybe that’s one of the things Tana is saving for her book whenever that comes out.

She proposed an idea for a youtube video that was rather interesting, though, she mentioned that she might do a “look back at scandals”, considering how many she’s been in that video might end up being an hour long special.

We could start with Tana Con and Bye Sister and just go from there, not that Tana was actually involved in the latter but we assume she’s going to roast James Charles at one point. However, considering how Tana’s Toxic Tips is doing she might just have her own follow-up to Tana Con soon. Stay tuned!!!