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Cancelled Podcast: Tana Mongeau Discusses Disturbing Proclivities With Only OnlyFans Star ‘A*alPrincess’

In a very eye-opening podcast with the OnlyFans star “AnalPrincess”, Tana Mongeau discussed some rather disturbing proclivities that she had with her intimate partners. Apparently, her friends have gotten worried about her in the past because Tana has encouraged her romantic partners to hit her.

In fact, this inspired a rather disturbing tale from co-host Brooke Schofield saying that her friends were almost to the point of staging an intervention and had to look into the details of Tana’s relationship with one particular partner because she re-appeared after a rendevoux all bloody after having lost a veneer to said partner.

That’s not the flex you think it is, Tana

Tana has previously told this story on her podcast before, but it was kind of brushed off. However, in this instance she actively seemed to be excited by the thought of one of her partners getting physically violent with her.

This is concerning, considering her audience – of course we’re not going to recommend that anyone under the age of 18 listen to Tana Mongeau or the Cancelled Podcast, however at any age it’s a little worrisome to promote what sounds a lot like a potential domestic violence situation in the bedroom. We’re not even thinking about her younger audience members here, we’re genuinely concerned for her.

Is Tana okay, or is there some type of emotional boundary that she needs to look into? The way she described this particular incident seemed like it blew right on past anything in the BDSM spectrum and went straight into “consentual domestic violence” territory which is not actually a thing, but rather that is how it could be described for lack of better terminology.

With BDSM there are boundaries (even though 50 shades of gray would have you believe otherwise), but the situation Tana described seemed… just like a drunken bad idea gone wrong. She did previously say on her podcast that her partner who participated was apologetic later and only did so because she urged him to, we also don’t know who this partner actually is but its safe to assume that it’s not her current one because it happened before she was dating Chris Miles.

Is Tana safe with Chris Miles? Well, so far, he hasn’t done this so for now we’ll assume that the only thing Tana is in danger of is a broken heart. However, this was one episode of the podcast that made us all cringe… for a lot of reasons, but that was one of the main ones. Stay tuned!!!