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Gabby Petito Death Update: Roberta Laundrie Left a Letter for Brian Laundrie That Said “Burn After You Read This”

In the name of total transparency, Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino has started releasing the contents of Brian Laundrie’s notebook. However, what has not been released to the public is a letter written by one Roberta Laundrie, a letter from a Mom to her son, a letter that said, “Burn after you read this.” the letter is something that the Petito family attorney has seen, and that some news sources have seen, but do not have a copy of currently.

Roberta Laundrie left a letter for Brian Laundrie

Sources say that from the contents it can be determined that the letter was written after Gabby was killed. Reilly wouldn’t specify anything in particular but did say that the note contained some “extreme things”, and we can only imagine what that was.

While the letter is undated, it is clear from some things inside that the letter was written after Gabby died and before Brian committed suicide. The attorney says that there was “an offer to assist Brian with some things in that letter” but did not specify what those things were, even though in the lawsuit it is specified that the Laundries were making plans to spirit Brian out of the country.

However, Reilly says that that was actually not in the letter to Brian. It’s been speculated for awhile now that the suicide of Brian Laundrie could have had some assistance, being that he allegedly use his non-dominant hand to kill himself, could that be what the lawyer is referring to? Food for thought.

The letter was found in the Laundrie’s home, but had been taken out of the van, which speculation says means that Brian possibly received this letter before coming home to North Port, Florida, or at least as soon as he got home, but why go through all the trouble of taking the letter out of the home, putting it in the van, and then putting it back in the home again?

Also if the orders were to “Burn after you read this” why wasn’t the letter destroyed? We’re glad it wasn’t for the Petito’s sake but if Laundrie truly did do his Mom’s bidding then why would he leave such a crucial bit of information behind? Again, just some food for thought.

Also, according to the Petito family lawyer, the confession in the notebook isn’t the only confession to Gabby’s murder that Brian made. There is a second version of the confession that was typed out on a device that they are currently filing a freedom of information act to get to and this confession does not match up with the long-winded 8 page confession that he left in his notebook.

It is similar, but not quite the same. It also implicates that the area where Gabby’s body was found was actually a place that was near where Brian could have sought help for her, if she was indeed as injured as he claims.

No word on whether or not the FBI will actually honor the freedom of information act requests, or even when they will honor it, but we at DSD will keep a close eye on this story. Stay tuned!!!