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Duggar Family Shows Support For Josh Duggar and Brother, Jason Duggars Shows Big Love

The sentencing of Josh Duggar happened and we found out that he has only received 12.5 years in prison for possession of child pornography. His family and friends showed their support by writing many letters to the judge to try and have his sentence reduced.

The judge did pay close attention to these letters and he felt that they really did show his character. Although many of the Duggar family members have been silent, Jason Duggar has started to open up more about his support for Josh.

The Duggars: Jason’s Brotherly Love

Jason shared with his fans on social media, “Yesterday, my oldest brother was sentenced to 151 months, around 12 1/2 years in prison for receiving and possessing child pornography. In my opinion, Judge Timothy L. Brooks was fair in his ruling giving Josh a sentence that would be considered below the median for the crimes he has committed.

The Duggars: The Family Shows Support For Josh Dugagr and Brother, Jason Duggars Shows Big Love

My heart is grieved over the choices my brother has made, his actions do not reflect that of a Christian believer and have doubtlessly defamed my Lord and Savior’s name!! Joshua’s poor decisions have greatly affected those around him, in particular, his wife, seven children, and our family as a whole.”

He went on, “With that said, I will never stop loving my brother, regardless of what he does, just as my savior has forgiven me so I have forgiven my brother of his wrongdoings. My prayer is that God will use this circumstance to truly humble him and bring about a true change in his life!”

Of course, Jason’s fans were shocked to see his statement and it does seem that there may have been some resentment at first from him. He is one of the first siblings to really show his love for his brother, but there have been some negative statements as well.

Amy King, his cousin, told her fans that she thought 12 years was not enough time in prison and she even pointed out her fear of him when she was a child. She mentioned how she was glad that she was “protected from Josh” by her own parents.

Josh’s legal team continues to try and appeal so he can get a lowered sentence, but at this point, they can really only do so much. It is interesting just how innocent some of his family members think he is. Now the fact that he won’t get to see his children without a proper guardian with them is pretty intense too. Duggar made these choices and now he has to do the time. The prison will be very interesting for him.

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