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'The Duggars' Spoilers: Anna Duggar Seems To Be Happy With Friends

‘The Duggars’ Spoilers: Anna Duggar Seems To Be Happy With Friends

Anna Duggar has gone through a lot since her husband, Josh Duggar was arrested for possession of child pornography. His sentencing date is slowly approaching, after being pushed back a few months, but it looks as if she is ready to get out there and have fun again.

She has been very quiet on social media and she will post and comment on family members’ posts, but she doesn’t seem to post on her own accounts. Her fans spotted her at her friend’s vow renewal ceremony and she actually looks very happy.

‘The Duggars’ Spoilers: The Newest Pictures

Anna needs a reason to smile these days and her fans were very happy to see how excited she is in these new photos. She is smiling in every picture with her friends and she wore an adorable dress. She was joined by Joy Forsyth, Abbie Duggar, and Michelle Duggar. The pictures landed on Reddit and of course, users there were shocked to see her looking so happy after all that she has been through.

‘The Duggars’ Spoilers: Anna Duggar Seems To Be Happy With Friends

There are no photos of the ceremony on Anna’s Instagram account and her fans were shocked not to see any, especially since the girls looked so great. The last time that she posted on her Instagram account was in February and that is when she wrote, “There is more to the story”, and left it at that. There is even a link for fans to click to help Josh get an acquittal.

Josh’s legal team has been working hard to get these charges against him dropped and there have been theories about how he was set up and he had nothing to do with it. It is hard to believe when we consider his past of molesting young girls as a teenager, some of those were his own sisters.

Josh’s sentencing will now take place on May 25, but he remains in custody while he waits. From the looks of it, Anna is the only one of the Duggars that has been to the prison to visit him too.

We are so glad that Anna has finally gotten a chance to get out and spend time with family and friends. We will continue to keep an eye on what happens next with Josh’s sentencing and what Anna does when things finally get figured out. Her fans do worry about what she will do if and when he goes to prison and with the fines that he will have to pay.

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