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Are Stranger Things Season 4 Creators the Duffer Brothers Having Regrets For Vecna

Usually in the show “Stranger Things” there’s always a character, usually one per season, that makes us go, “Aw man, they should still be alive!” and this time, the Duffer Brothers agree with us, this time they’ve admitted that perhaps they ended Chrissy Cunningham’s (Grace Van Dien) arc a little too soon.

They said that the drug-deal scene between her and Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) was shot realy late in the game, and it was after they had already filmed the epic murder-by-Vecna scene. “We always have those moments of ‘what have we done?’” said Matt Duffer, of their creation. He went onto say that the scene in the woods between those two came alive so beautifully but by that time it was too late.

Are the Duffer Brothers already having regrets?

He compared killing off Chrissy to killing off fan favorite Bob Newby (Sean Astin) in S2, and revealed some on-the-set tea. Apparently, Sean Astin did not want his character to be killed off, and Winona Ryder did not want him to die. He went onto hint that perhaps things are not quite over for Bob and Chrissy yet and that they could find something else to do with both actors but didn’t specify what.

It could be another series, it could be a cameo in S5, who knows? If they did have a cameo in S5, and dreams are  thing in the Stranger Things universe, then perhaps there could be dream sequences, involving Chrissy and Bob.

Or perhaps there is a way to bring them back from the Upside Down. After all, as of yet we haven’t met any actual people who live in the Upside Down but there’s evidence that people have been there. So far the only beings that have been in The Upside Down are the demogorgon, Vecna, and those bats that attacked the gang in S4. So… do the souls of people from Hawkins who have died, do they reincarnate as these weird creatures?

I mean, it’s an interesting possibility to say the least. The latter theory is probably too far-fetched even for Stranger Things, but… anything is possible. Part 2 of Season 4 will be released on July 1st. Stay tuned!!!