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90 Day Fiancé: Thais Ramone and Miona Bell Hang Out For a Birthday Celebration

In a recent Instagram post, it looks as if Thais Ramone chose to hang out with Miona Bell on her birthday. Miona, who has been living in South Dakota with her fiancé, Jibri Bell shared some pictures of the two women together.

Thais has been living with her fiancé, Patrick Mendes in Texas and trying to get used to her life in the states. Now it looks like these two women have become very close friends and wanted to do some celebrating together.

90 Day Fiancé: Miona’s Newest Posts

In Miona‘s latest post on Instagram, she shared her time hanging out with Thais. There is one photo of Miona and Thais hanging out and there is another with Thais with Patrick and Jibri. Fans noticed that Miona and Thais look very similar in the photos that were posted. Thais also posted some photos of the birthday fun on her own Instagram account.

90 Day Fiancé: Thais Ramone and Miona Bell Hang Out For a Birthday Celebration

Of course, the comments started pouring in as soon as these photos went up. The two Geminis were taking it all in and loved all of the attention that they have started to get from fans. One fan wrote, “Miona & Thais! This season’s baddies linked up and I am obsessed! I love you both!”

Another wrote, “The only two good couples on the show this season are right here!” It is clear that Miona and Thais have quite the following and even former 90 Day Fiancé cast member, Larissa dos Santos Lima replied with hearts for Thais.

Miona and Thais got a lot of comments on how great they looked and how they could be twins or sisters from just looking at these photos. Their eyebrows look very similar and it even looks like they went to get pedicures together. (They have matching toenails.) One fan even pointed out that they saw the women walking around Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas the night before. So it looks as if they are in Vegas right now and clearly living their best lives.

Both women seem to be struggling with their living situations on the show, but it looks like they have become friends very quickly. It is always good to see couples bonding and hanging out when they are not on the show. Many times, the cast members never even meet, but it looks like Thais and Miona have become fast friends and seem to have a lot in common.

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