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90 Day Fiancé: Miona Bell’s Big Hints Could Play Spoilers To Storyline With Jibri bell

90 Day Fiancé couple, Miona Bell and Jibri Bell are doing the best they can to settle down together in South Dakota. Along with many other storylines, they have shared her arrival and trying to adjust to his parents’ rules of the house. They have developed quite the large fan base and it looks like some of these fans think that Miona may have given something away.

90 Day Fiancé: Did She Ruin Their Story?

This couple has been through a lot on social media and many viewers feel that they have faked the sale of Jibri’s torn pants. The couple has claimed that his pants sold for thousands of dollars, but viewers feel that this was all a publicity stunt.

90 Day Fiancé: Miona Bell’s Hints Could Reveal Her Storyline

Now these eagle-eyed followers feel that Miona has left a hint on her Instagram account that could have just ruined their storyline. She recently posted a picture and she tagged her location as Malibu.

As we have seen on the show, Jibri and Miona have been trying to save enough money to move to California, but from the looks of it, they don’t have a lot of money saved. How did they make it to California with little funds? Something seems fishy here.

Jibri had a plan to get the band back together and to start touring again now that traveling has become a lot easier now that the COVID regulations are starting to be dropped. Miona wanted to start her own make-up line and perhaps these two have finally made their dreams come true.

The show does pay the couples pretty well, but they have only appeared on a few episodes. Did the couple get jobs to save money or how did they make these extra funds to get them to California? Currently, on the show, they do not have jobs and it looks as if their savings is low, but they do seem very motivated to make money no matter what.

If these two finally began to hustle, we could see how they could make money, but enough to move to a very expensive place? That is still up in the air. If these pants truly did sell for $28,000, that would be a lot of money to get them to California, but has it been enough to sustain them?

We will continue to watch this couple on  social media to see what they are up to. It looks like they like to show off their money, but who’s to say they didn’t make more somehow.

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