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The Mysterious Death of Elijah Snow In Cancun Mexico, Wife Jamie Hints At Massive Coverup

When we go on vacation, the last thing that we want to think about is a tragedy. There have been quite a few vacations that have gone from great to horrific. We have just a few to share with you for this true crime story.

True Crime: Going Abroad

One couple, Jamie Snow and Elijah Snow wanted to take a trip to Mexico to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. They booked a stay at a resort and made sure to just stay around that area to be safe. They had heard a lot of stories and rumors about Americans straying from the resort and knew that they would do what it took to be on the safe side of things.

True Crime: Trouble In Paradise

They checked in on July 19, 2021, at the Royalton Chic Cancun Resort & Spa. Just a few hours after they checked in, Elijah was gone. The next morning, he was found stuffed into a window that was at the resort next door. His body was covered in bruises and he had a huge gash on his head. The authorities said his death was completely accidental.

Jamie didn’t believe this at all. She looked for answers, but of course, no one was saying a word about the incident. They even kept her from looking at the photos of his body and she even tried to bribe people to get information about what they saw. To this day, she is still looking for answers and it is still considered an accident.

Another story of horror in paradise comes from Greece. Bakari Henderson graduated from college in 2017 ad wanted to take a trip to Greece to celebrate. He was beaten fatally by a mob while he was with his friends and they were taking pictures to promote his fashion line.

It all started when he asked a waitress to take a picture with him. A Serbian man asked why she would want to be seen with a Black man when “there are a lot of Serbs in the bar.” He punched Bakari and that is when things got heated.

Bakari was beaten to his death in about 30 seconds when the angry mob attacked him. The incident was caught on video and his mother continues to fight for a new conviction for these men. Nine were arrested and they were charged with international homicide and will serve a life sentence. Six men were found guilty of assault and three were acquitted. None of them were charged with murder.

There are many stories of troubles in paradise, but that doesn’t mean that we can put our vacations on hold and run out of fear. It is important to be aware of our surroundings at all times and just to keep a better eye on those around us. You never know who may be friend or foe.

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