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Netflix: Love Is Blind Reunion Behind the Scenes

On Netflix’s Love is Blind, we saw couples meet one another after getting to know the other from a wall. They fell in love simply by talking to one another for eight weeks. There were a few successfully married couples, that are still together, but there were some no’s said at the altar.

One couple who faced such a letdown was Shake Chatterjee and his fiancé, Deepti Vempati, During the reunion episode, there were a lot of harsh words thrown around and it seems as if there were some scenes that were left out.

Netflix: The Podcast Premiere

Fans of the show were excited to hear Shane on Nick Viall’s podcast, the Viall Files. He was ready to tell Nick what went down that fans didn’t get to see. Shayne told Nick, “Shake called out a lot of people at the reunion and said stuff that would be very, very bad. Shake, he means absolutely nothing to me. So I don’t want to give him any more f****g publicity. I don’t want to give any more s**t. I’m just done with Shake.

Netflix: Love Is Blind Reunion Behind the Scenes

He’s a terrible person. He’s going through a lot and I don’t think he’s dealing with it correctly. I think there are some underlying issues that are going on that he is, like, not addressing himself. Deep down, do I think he’s a bad person? I don’t know. I can’t say that I guess, because I don’t know him that well.”

Of course, Nick wanted to know what Shake said that was cut from the reunion episode. Shayne told him, “I don’t want to say it personally. I don’t want it to come out of my mouth. And out of respect for the other cast members, I don’t want to say it either.”

Shake was given a lot of backlash by viewers and even Vanessa Lachey told him that he went on the wrong type of show. This show is about falling in love with someone you have never seen and Shake continued to ask off color questions about the women’s size and looks.

Fans of the show are very happy that Deepti Vempati decided to tell him that she wouldn’t marry him at the altar. This really did make the show turn out great when we all saw the look on his face. Deepti told him that she “deserves somebody who knows for sure that they want to be with me.”

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