Netflix’s Love is Blind Tried to Hire a Photographer… Without Any Pay

It’s a dream opportunity for a photographer, a huge company like Netflix head-hunting them, asking for the use of their services to shoot not one, not two, but five weddings! Unfortunately the bubble quickly burst for professional photographer, Megan Saul when producers discussed the pay. $0

In a Facebook post, Saul she says she was contacted by the company producing Love Is Blind, Kinetic Content about working with them on the show. They wanted her skills to take stills of the weddings that (should) occur at the end of the season.

Netflix’s Love is Blind Tried to Hire a Photographer… Without Any Pay

Of course Saul, after a year of very little work thanks to the pandemic, emailed back immediately to discuss details. It was in the follow up message that the producer who’d gotten in touch with Saul explained that this would inherently be a volunteer position, but that her work would appear in promotional materials and magazines, giving her exposure.

Since when did Netflix become influencers, looking for a free stay in Bora Bora to take a picture?

Saul respectfully declined, calling the request “insulting to artists.”

Shooting a wedding is a tough slog. Shooting five would be super-human. Saul would have to employ staff, take out insurance, pay for transport and accommodation and possibly purchase new gear…we can’t see the good folks at Nikon donating a $2000 lens “for exposure”.

“It’s clearly more than my time I am donating for a major corporation to profit on my work,” Saul wrote. “Bottom line, this is offensive,”

Unfortunately, artists being expected to perform services for free is not a rarity and it grossly undervalues the artists’ work.

You’d think a company like Netflix, worth around $30.48 billion would be able to share the wealth a little, especially for a hit show like Love Is Blind which was viewed by 30 million streamers.

Hmm, funnily enough, I don’t think any of us 30 million remember the name of the photographer…

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