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Former Britney Spears Social Media Manager Cassie Petrey ROASTED!

Sometimes it’s best to stay on the sidelines and not say anything when you’re getting roasted on social media, but sometimes one has to learn that lesson the hard way, this week that person seems to be Britney Spears’ former social media manager, Cassie Petrey.

It was @MonaLisaney81 who threw the first punch by saying, “Cassie was sick for this one. Using a birthday post to say that Jamie Lynn was smarter than Britney. Lol Baby listen, Britney made herself a superstar and then gave JL a career & also made Crowd Surfs relevant… yet you still underestimate her?

Cassie Petrey roasted!

Ya’ll are the dumb parasites.” in the post that was allegedly originally written by Cassie Petrey on Britney Spears’ official twitter account it said “Happy birthday to this beautiful soul and damn it I wish I was as smart as you at 30!!!”

We can see where it could be interpreted that shade was implied there. @truthseekingbrit then jumped into the fray by saying this: “Cassie manipulates for cash to push an agenda. Cassie is a twat. We don’t like Cassie.” Cassie Petrey wasn’t going to take this comment lying down so she came back with, “I am truly curious… how much money do you all think I actually make??

And what agenda am I pushing?” That question sparked pandamonium because it was then that @BritneytheStan jumped in, and if you follow the #FreeBritney movement on Twitter, if the BitneyArmy had a general – they would be it.

@BritneytheStan said: “Cassie, sweetie, even if you did help Britney get an attorney, you still have a lot of explaining to do. What happened with the “daddy’s illness”, “me time”, “all is well”, and “cried over the documentary” posts. You need to come clean for your sins and you will feel better.”


Cassie responded with, “You’re right there are some things I regret and still felt sick over. In fact I still feel sick over some of it. I felt stupid too for not believing the right things. I’m just trying to stay focused on the future though. Also it has been addressed behind the scenes.”

@Britney Stan replied: “Well good. You should feel sick over it. You helped uphold a human trafficking scheme, Cassie. You had many chances to do differently and you chose not to. IDK if it was because of your own greed or what, but you don’t get any passes here. You lied to our faces and want sympathy?”

Oh, snap! 

Sl04n, an outspoken youtuber in the Britney Army movement then spoke up and quoted Cassie, saying “ ‘How much money do you all actually think I make??’ I don’t know, Cassie, tell us! You have Forbes 30 under 30 in your bio… sounds like a lot of money. Sell out.”


He’s not exactly wrong either, according to another Twitter user, Sierrah87, they tweeted: “She created Crowdsurf and owns half of it as well at the age of 17” so… it begs the question, exactly how much money does one make if one has a successful social media company and is managing the social media for a world famous celebrity… just wondering. There will probably be more… stay tuned!!!

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