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Britney Spears BLOCKS Mom Lynne Spears, Does NOT Want Anything To Do With Her Family Post-Conservatorship

Apparently, Mom Lynne Spears has made multiple attempts to come and see Britney Spears after her conservatorship ended, but Britney is not having it. According to Hollywood Life, Britney has no interest in seeing any of her family right now and after saying what she has said on social media – we can’t exactly blame her.

After all, in Britney’s own (now deleted) words, it was her Mother who came up with the idea for the conservatorship in the first place. She said that her Dad wouldn’t have thought of the idea on her own, but that Lynne Spears had a direct hand in it.

Britney Spears does not want to see her Mother

For 13 years,Britney was in a hellacious conservatorship in which she had to adhere to the strictest rules, perform against her will, and pass all sorts of medical, drug and psych screenings or else she was not allowed to see her children.

In 2015 she and ex-husband Kevin Federline finally decided on a 70/30 custody split between them, meaning Kevin got the kids the majority of the time, due to a conflict with father and then conservator Jamie Spears. Throughout all of this, Lynne Spears has been silent, never spoke up and said a word, but now she suddenly wants to see Britney.


Could it be to try and sweet talk Britney into paying for her legal fees? Now, granted, Lynne did step in and make it possible so that Britney could hire her own legal counsel and get free, but Lynne’s own legal fees have yet to be paid and they are currently at the amount of $650,000.

Perhaps she feels if she goes and sees Britney in person that perhaps she can convince her daughter to pay those bills and let bygones be bygones and sweep everything under the rug.

However, Britney has made it known that she wants nothing to do with her family… she has said on her IG that her family has hurt her deeper than they’ll ever know. So it looks like Lynne Spears is saying too little, too late. Stay tuned!!!

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