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Immortal Betty White Is Trending on Twitter - But Relax… She’s Okay!

IMMORTAL Betty White Is Trending on Twitter – But Relax… She’s Okay!

Often celebrities will trend on Twitter if a movie or album is coming out or they’ve done something controversial (here’s looking at you Travis Scott and Alec Baldwin)…or, they have passed away. Over this last weekend, heart rates climbed and palms got sweaty when Betty White’s name began to trend…again.

However, 99-year-old Betty is doing perfectly okay. No one knows for sure why she began to trend again, but Twitter instantly knew her legions of fans, curated from a 7 decade long run in the business we call the show, would worry for the woman who has stolen their hearts.

Betty White Is Trending on Twitter- But Relax…She’s Okay!

To stop any panic, Twitter put a PSA out on the site


But of course, folks still did

And those who love her, appreciated that the woman, the myth, the legend actually gets her own (well deserved) category on the social media site.

It wasn’t even a month ago that Betty was again trending on Twitter, simply because her 100th birthday was 3 months away. So, what is it about Betty that people adore?

Sure, she is the last surviving Golden Girl, however, that beloved sitcom was just one part of an illustrious career that has very often thumbed its nose at the norm.

In a time when very few women were making the decisions in Hollywood, Betty White had full creative control of her show Life With Elizabeth from 1952 to 1955.

She also famously launched the career of black tap dancer Arthur Duncan. When complaints poured in that Betty’s variety show was promoting a black man, instead of canning Duncan, Betty upped his performances to ensure he got much more screen time.

Betty’s sharp wit has carried her through decade after decade, and as she aged (gracefully)  she refused to get sucked into the stereotypical image of a doddering old lady on screen,

Oh, and aside from her stance against sexism, ageism and racism, Betty is a huge animal lover and is even an honorary forest ranger.   When the USDA Forest Service found out that Betty wanted to be a forest ranger when she was a young girl, but was barred from the profession due to the fact that women weren’t allowed to become forest rangers at the time, they gave her an honorary forest ranger title.

There’s far too much to write when it comes to the collective love the world has for Betty- but this may sum it up

Mark January 17 in your calendars, Betty’s 100 birthday and if you see her trending on Twitter, don’t fly instantly into panic mode- it could just be social media users declaring how much they love her!

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