General Hospital Spoilers: Devastated Steve Burton CONFIRMS GH Exit As Jason Morgan Over Mandatory Vaccine Mandates

General Hospital spoilers indicate that there have been rumors going around lately that Steve Burton who plays the infamous Jason Morgan on General Hospital has finally done his time and he is permanently gone from the soap. The reason being? Vaccine Mandates. In a statement on social media, Burton finally addressed the rumors, saying that that was the reason that he wasn’t complying with the mandate and that he had applied for both medical and religious exemptions to the mandate but both had been denied and that cued his exit time on the show.

Watch Steve’s video here:

General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton CONFIRMS GH Exit As Jason Morgan Over Mandatory Vaccine Mandates!

Peter August (Wes Ramsey) was the one that ended Jason’s life, when he shot into a tunnel, triggering its collapse. Although, as wont to happen on soaps a lot of the time, Jason’s body has not been found. He did say that if the mandates are ever lifted, that he would love to return and finish out his career as Jason Morgan. Until then it’s been rumored that Trevor St. John (formerly Todd Manning of OLTL) might be replacing him but not confirmed by anyone… let’s let poor Jason be cold for awhile before we get fresh blood in Port Charles. In fact, let us have a moment of silence for dear Stone Cold.

Alright, moment over.

It would seem that Morgan values his personal freedom above a vaccine mandate and while as an American we can certainly see that point of view, the truth of the matter is, we’re in a pandemic and production had to make a business decision. The best decision for business is the decision that benefits all cast members, so logic would state that those who don’t wish to comply to production’s vaccine mandate would get the axe, like any other big business, so the decision to write Burton’s character out was not really all that surprising.

The only really surprising thing is the fact that Burton says that he wants to finish out his career as Jason Morgan eventually. So perhaps in a few years, or whenever there’s a cure for COVID that’s developed (and there has to be a cure eventually – we’ll speak that into existence.), maybe he’ll get the chance and we’ll get to see Stone Cold on our screens once more. It wold be nice. We’ll see you when COVID’s over, Steve. Stay tuned!

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