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What Does Kevin Federline Think Of Britney Spears’ Freedom?

Just a few months ago, Kevin Federline, AKA “K-Fed”, Britney’s ex-husband, came out in not so many words saying that he was all for Britney being free to do as she pleased. Then, he doubled back, when it looked like Jamie Spears was going to win back full control and said that he would only agree to Britney being free after she had another mental evaluation, which Britney would not agree to (and we can’t blame her because guess what – she doesn’t need one!)

Now, K-Fed is saying that he’s fine with or without there being a mental evaluation done on Britney and that she doesn’t need a conservatorship to be a great Mom.

K-Fed changes his tune… again?

Apparently, even throughout her conservatorship, she has been nothing but a great Mom to her kids. Right now they have a 70/30 custody split going on which Britney negotiated herself a few years ago after the incident between one of her sons and his Grandfather happened.

All of this, Britney and K-Fed have been able to work out between themselves without the help of her Dad, or the conservatorship, which begs the question, if he thought that she was such a great Mom before and basically had proof of her being able to make these kinds of decisions, what was with the whole stance on having a mental evaluation done?

Was it really because he thought that there was something wrong with Britney or was it because he was eating out of Jamie Spears’ hand up until the very last second and thought that if he said anything that the gravy train would end?

It seems like a pretty safe bet that that’s what was going on, because now it seems that he’s fine either way with whatever way the conservatorship wants to go. We can only hope that he sticks to one opinion this time and doesn’t flip and turn on Britney when things actually end up going to court.

Because trust me, this case will end up going to court and I would not be surprised if a few people wound up in prison jumpsuits, K-Fed being largely uninvolved won’t be one of them, but you can bet he’s not going to say anything to incriminate himself. He’ll be singing any tune that his lawyer tells him to, but we’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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