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Little People, Big World (LPBW): Audrey VS Tori, The Roloff Family Feud Explained

If you have watched the drama with Little People, Big World cast members, Tori Roloff and Audrey Roloff, you are probably wondering why they are always making backhanded comments at the other. It all began with the twins, Zach Roloff and Jeremy Roloff.

They were incredibly close growing up, but it seems that they have gone in completely opposite ways since they have gotten older. The men have very different views and now it looks like their wives do too and they are taking them out on each other.

Little People, Big World: Politics and Morals

When it all comes down to it, politics and morals seem to be where this argument started with Tori and Audrey. Jeremy and Audrey are very conservative and they seem to put religion before anything else in their lives. They are about to welcome their third child and they often talk about how God has blessed them in so many ways.

Little People, Big World: The Family Feud

Fans of the show feel that these two just rub their blessings in everyone’s face and never stop to think about their fans or family members. Tori and Zach are a little more liberal in their views. They are Christians, but they are not so in-your-face about their religion and God.

There was another issue that could have added some tension into these relationships and it could have been the fact that Jeremy was not offered the family farm and Zach was and was given a specific amount that he could pay in order to be a bigger part of the farm. Many viewers think this is one main reason that there is a huge wedge between this side of the family.

It seems as if Audrey’s pregnancy may have been one of the reasons for the feud between her and Tori. When she announced that she was pregnant again, Tori had just opened up about having a miscarriage and she totally snubbed her sister-in-law when she made the announcement on social media.

For the last couple of years, these two haven’t spoken on social media to each other, but some fans think that Audrey is ready to reconcile. When Tori opened up on social media about her miscarriage, Audrey show her a lot of support and posted on her picture with some very loving words. Is this the end of the feud?

We will have to keep an eye on Tori and Audrey on Instagram to see if they have made up.

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